Top 100 Sexiest Actors of All Time

Sometimes we look at actors and are simply amazed: how do they succeed? They are beautiful, well-groomed, energetic, fit, tanned, with brilliant smiles and sparkle in the eyes. To please us with new roles, these men sometimes make incredible things – they get fat, lose weight, change their haircut, and wear incredible costumes. How do they achieve the title of the sexiest men?

They can’t look bad

A real actor simply can’t look bad. They know that appearance help earn money and win the hearts of the audience like nothing else. According to Nick Nolte, Brad Pitt, and other actors, a healthy lifestyle allows them to keep themselves in great shape and good mood: proper nutrition, favorite sports, good rest (preferably in nature) and, of course, a good sleep.

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They do sports

With age, it becomes more difficult to overcome yourself for the sake of physical activity. That is why staying active is vital in the fight against aging. The average man loses up to 23% of muscle mass between the ages of 30 and 70 years. But an active lifestyle, according to Hugh Jackman, prevents age-related memory impairment (exercise stimulates the brain area associated with learning). Look at Johnny Depp – at his 56, he looks much younger. The secret of an impeccable shape is in an intense workout with cardio.

They sleep enough

Chronic lack of sleep leads to obesity and accelerates the aging process. But 7-9 hours of continuous sleep every day will make the skin supple and, as a result, more youthful and fresh. “Healthy sleep, proper nutrition, and swimming – it works at any age,” – this is the recipe of Tom Hardy who is one of the sexiest actors in the world

They are in a positive mood

You are what you feel. The journal of the American Medical Association cites curious statistics that people who are always in a good mood, recover from illnesses faster than those who consider old age to be synonymous with helplessness and futility. Pierce Brosnan, who will celebrate his 67th birthday next year, admits that he feels thirty years old. “You need to feel young,” the actor admits and adds that he periodically arranges cheat mills and doesn’t deny himself small pleasures like a cup of coffee in the morning and one bite of chocolate. If this cheers up, then why not?

1.Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

2. Patrick Swayze

3. Nick Nolte

4. Brad Pitt

5. George Clooney

6. Harrison Ford

7. Ashton Kutcher

8. Kellan Lutz

9. Jeremy Renner

10.James Franco

11.Garrett Hedlund

12.Justin Theroux

13.Jason Momoa

14.Joseph Gordon-Levitt

15.Ansel Elgort

16.Adam Lambert

17.Alex Pettyfer

18.Chris Pine

19.Ryan Reynolds

20.Matthew McConaughey

21.Jake Gyllenhaal

22.Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

23.Hugh Jackman

24.Jonathan Rhys Meyers

25.Douglas Booth

26.Luke Evans

27.Jensen Ackles

28.Richard Gere

29.Pierce Brosnan

30.Dwayne Johnson

31.Channing Tatum

32.Bradley Cooper

33.Johnny Depp

34.Matt Damon

35.Jude Law

36.Ben Affleck

37.Richard Gere

38.Antonio Banderas

39.Benedict Cumberbatch

40.Daniel Craig

41.Jared Leto

42.Gerard Butler

43.Jamie Dornan

44.Javier Bardem

45.Hugh Laurie

46.Colin Firth

47.Jean Renault

48.Zac Efron

49.Ian Somerhalder

50.Vincent Cassel

51.Tom Hiddleston

52.Theo James

53.Michael Fassbender

54.Mickey Rourke

55.Owen Wilson

56.Andrew Garfield

57.Taylor Lautner

58.Tom Hardy

59.Chris Pratt

60.Leonardo DiCaprio

61.Scott Eastwood

62.Chris Hemsworth

63.Josh Hutcherson

64.Daniel Radcliffe

65.Keith Harington

66.Paul Wesley

67.Orlando Bloom

68.Charlie Hunnam

69.Liam Hemsworth

70.Shia LaBeouf

71.Cary Grant

72.Zachary Quinto

73.Ben Barnes

74.Kellan Lutz

75.Ewan McGregor

76.Marlon Brando

77.Clive Owen

78.Sam Worthington

79.Jason Isaacs

80.Will Smith

81.Heath Ledger

82.Adriano Celentano

83.Alain Delon

84.Al Pacino

85.Gregory Peck

86.James dean

87.Jack Nicholson

88.Jean Marais

89.Clark Gable

90.Mel Gibson

91.Warren Beatty

92.Rodrigo Hilbert

93.Henry Cavill

94.Mark Harmon

95.Denzel Washington

96.Russell Crowe

97.Matt Bomer

98.Ewan McGregor

99.Jason state

100.Josh Duhamel

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