Top 12 Best Travel Companies in India

Travel and tourism has become one of the leading industries in India now, with more and more people going for domestic and international travel destinations, both for business and leisure. Most of the travelers depend largely on travel companies for travel bookings and packages, as they can get benefits like convenience and discount offers from these companies. Many of the travel companies have made a sound reputation with excellence of services provided by them.

Listed below are the top 12 travel companies in India:



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11. Hello Travel

Hello Travel

Hello Travel, is a Delhi based travel company, which makes it among the best travel companies in India 2015. The company is reputed for excellent services and amazing discounted packages provided to its clients.


10. Expedia

 Expedia travel

Expedia is a US based company, which is operating In India too. Head quartered in Washington, this company was started in 1996 and provides the most affordable travel deals and packages, due to its collaboration with as many as 80000 hotels around the world.


9. Goibibo  


Another well known travel company in India is Goibibo, a Gurgaon based company which has been extending travel and tourism services since 2009. The service portfolio of the company includes flight bookings and tour packages, along with the latest and innovative bus booking service called




SOTC is the next name on the list of top 10 best travel companies in India 2015. The Mumbai based travel company dates back to 1949 and excels in providing custom made tour packages for fulfilling diverse needs of the clients.


7. Cleartrip


Cleartrip is a popular travel company in the country, which was set up in 2006 and is based in Mumbai. Cleartrip provides the most affordable bargains on online booking of air, train and bus tickets. Additionally, the company gives a mobile app, which gives a convenience of travel bookings from your phone.


6. Travelguru


Travelguru is a trusted travel company, which has been catering to travelers all over the country with their special customized packages for special needs. It was established in 2005 and has its head office in Mumbai. The best thing about this company is that you can avail some amazing discounts on packages during the peak season too.



Next on the list of top 10 travel companies in India is the online travel portal called, a Gurgaon based company which was founded in 2006. has a solid reputation in delivering great services for memorable trips, with services like online air tickets, tour packages and hotel bookings, for individual as well as corporate clients.


4. Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is a leading US based travel company, which extends its network in India too, with offices at 98 locations across the country. The company is headquartered in London and is one of the oldest travel companies in the world, which dates back to 1881 and continues to have a shining record in the field of travel and tourism.


3. Cox & Kings

Cox & Kings

The next name to feature among the best travel companies in India 2015 is Cox & Kings, which has been a leader in travel industry since its establishment in 1758. The company which has its India head office in Mumbai extends its services in all major countries of the world, including USA, UK and Russia. The services provided by Cox & Kings include domestic and international holidays, company tour packages and trade fair packages.


2. EaseMyTrip


Founded in year 2008, is another big name of Indian travel industry. It is the one of the best travel companies of India that is widely known for not charging any convenience fee on flight tickets. They have 28 branch offices with branches in overseas locations like Thailand, Singapore, Dubai and Maldives. Along with flight booking, they also provide best deals on hotels, holiday packages and bus tickets.


1. Make My Trip

Make My Trip

Make My Trip has made it on the top of this list by catering to travelers with diverse needs and providing top end services for domestic and international destinations, such as online train and air tickets and hotel bookings. The Gurgaon based company has been serving the clients since 2000 and has an employee base of 923 people.


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All these travel companies have made a trusted reputation with excellence of services provided by them. If you are planning to travel to a domestic or international travel, it would be wise to avail the service of one of these companies.