Top 10 Best Smart Cities in the World – Most Impressive

Smart cities are the ones which use the latest of technologies in order to improve the quality of lives of the citizens, and at the same time, try to minimize the consumption of natural resources, in addition to reducing costs. Many cities around the world are being developed to live up to the concept of smart city.

Here are the top 10 best smart cities in the world:

10. Vienna


Vienna makes it on the list of best smart cities in the world in 2015 as it is among the greenest cities on the globe, besides being the city with best standard of life in the entire Europe. Public buildings and homes here are provided heating facilities with the help of the largest biomass plant in Europe.

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9. Seattle


Seattle is the city which comes next on this list as it encourages greener living by giving tax rebates to those who make use of green technology. The city also offers low electricity rates and minimal carbon emissions, with the aim to improve quality of life of the citizens.

8. Chicago


Chicago has benefitted from the strategy of technological strategy it has been using in recent times. The city enjoys fast broadband and free wi-fi services, in addition to making use of innovative technology for providing excellent services to the local population

7. Stockholm


Next in the list of smart cities of the world in 2015 is Stockholm, which has received the award for Intelligent Community of the Year in 2009 and European Green Capital in 2010. It was among the first cities to have a city wide fiber optic network and has come a long way, again pioneering in the field of 4G mobile network. It is home to Kista Science City, which occupies some of the biggest technological companies in the world.

6. London


London is next among the smart cities, because of its smart transport system, boasting of facilities such as underground wi-fi, smart parking service, oyster card system and congestion charges. The city has used innovative technology to facilitate use of smart phones and also improve health and environmental services therein.

5. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Featuring next on the list is the Brazilian beach destination of Rio de Janeiro. The city has seen a lot of infrastructural development recently, thanks to the upcoming Olympics 2016 it is going to host. The center of operations set up by IBM in the city has linked all major departments of the city. The discovery of offshore oil fields has also attracted a great deal of international investment here.

4. Singapore


Singapore has used technology in many ways to emerge as one of the leading smart cities in the world in 2015. These include use of cameras GPS and sensors to prevent traffic congestion and also predict jams. The city is also equipped with an innovative water management system, to facilitate efficient desalinization of water.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The next name is that of Hong Kong, which has made tremendous investment in its “Digital 21 Strategy”, aimed to create excellent e-government services for its citizens. The city boasts of highest smart phone penetration in the world. It provides contactless card payment in public transport, which is now usable at restaurants, parking lots and vending machines too.

2. San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco is another smart city, which has used technology effectively for bringing improvements in fields like transport, energy, water supply and waste management. The city is equipped with LED street lights, EV charging infrastructure and parking sensors for better services without wastage of energy.

1. Seoul


One of the most highly acclaimed smart cities in the world in 2015 is Seoul in South Korea, which will play host to the upcoming 5G mobile technology in coming years. The city works on the strategy “Smart Seoul 2015”, which is aimed at providing the best heath care facilities for the disabled and the elderly, whereby they will be provided second hand tablets and smart phones to ensure that they get timely medical attention when needed.

All these smart cities in the world aim to give the best quality of life to their citizens. For this purpose, they are making efforts to bring in technology and innovation in every walk of life.




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