Top 10 Greatest Modern Inventions That Changed Our Lives

Perhaps there is no other greater force to reckon with than the enduring power of the human mind and spirit. Ever since the time of the Renaissance up to the Industrial Revolution which brought forth the Modern Age, man has never stopped learning, applying, creating, and innovating. Hence, the human mind has created every conceivable invention in the various fields of science, technology, medicine, engineering, arts, and many more. Many human beings are now living life in great ease and comfort because of these innovations which ultimately greatly forwarded human civilization.

This list dishes to you the 10 greatest modern inventions made by men that greatly revolutionized human life. If not for any one of these human inventions, then man will be living a life that would be very different from what it is now. Do you agree with these?

10. Camera

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One of the greatest inventions in modern history is the camera. Through the foundational research made by Thomas Alva Edison and improved by the likes of Joseph Niepce in 1826 and Alexander Walcott in 1840, the prototype of the first camera came into being. The camera was completely revolutionary during those times as it was the first invention that was able to capture special moments and reproduce images.

9. Automobiles

Car Manufacturers

The creation of combustion engines brought forth the invention of the automobiles. The invention of the first car is credited mainly to American inventor Henry Ford. Cars replaced the horse-drawn carriages of yesteryears and even the harsh rickshaws drawn by humans in Asia. This greatly eased modern transportation and cut travel time to shorter durations.

8. Airplanes

Airbus A380


In earlier times, the thought of having vehicles fly in the sky was nothing but a mere product of the imagination. During that time, perhaps nobody thought that this could become reality with the invention of the airplane. The invention of the airplane greatly improved transportation from distant places – bridging borders and nations. People became more mobile and cities got closer together.

7. Telephone

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The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. The advent of this technology greatly improved modern communication and enabled people to communicate with one another more efficiently. In the beginning, only affluent people were able to afford this technology but now, almost all people from all walks of life have access to the telephone and its innovation – the smartphone.

6. Radio

Before the advent of television, the radio was the primary piece of entertainment for most households. The radio featured music across all genres, live performances by many early recording artists, as well as the latest news. Today, radio is being greatly challenged by the advent of digital downloading and music streaming. This invention would have to be discussed later.

5. Television

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Radio was suddenly made passe by the invention of television. The auditory entertainment fare brought about by radio was further improved by television by adding a visual component. Now, people can not only hear but can also see entertainment. This further enhanced the field of entertainment and news delivery.

4. Robots

The field of robotics grew in leaps and bounds with the science of artificial intelligence. A.I. simply means that man can now create various devices and inventions that possess humanlike features – with its own rationality and intelligence, however limited. This made society more advanced and more efficient.

3. Electricity


None of the innovations and inventions in this list so far would be possible if not for the invention of electricity to power all these gadgets and innovations. Electricity and electrical science as people know it today was largely the product of the research and know-how of scientist Benjamin Franklin.

2. Banking/Credit Cards

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Banking modernized financial transactions and the practice of saving and buying. Today, banking has been made all the more modern with the rise of credit cards. Credits cards, in turn, brought forth internet banking and mobile banking.

1. Internet


The rise of the world wide web completely revolutionized the world. It is as if a parallel universe now exists and the world has become flatter, closer, and more compact because of the Internet.

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