Top 10 Best Tattoo Parlours In India

Tattoos are definitely a trend that will never die down. While some people prefer small tattoos to mark specific occasions, some like to use their body as a canvas and highlight artwork to the world. Although, getting a tattoo done is a painful process, it is definitely worthwhile as it creates a lasting impression and never runs out of style. Always be sure of the tattoo you want done, as this is something that cannot be erased easily once done. You also need to ensure that you select the best tattoo artist. Picking a novice will show on your tattoos and not give you the desired outcome. Moreover, the worst part is you will have to live with this bad artwork.

Here we give you an insight on the ten best & famous tattoo parlors in India.

tattoo parlors

10. Brahma Tattoo Parlor, Bangalore

Brahma tattoo parlor is one of the oldest tattoo parlors in Bangalore. This parlor is known to be one of the best and certainly does not disappoint with its creativity. This is one of the few parlors that service clients at night as well. This eerie looking parlor is highly recommended if you are in Bangalore.

9. Eternal Expression, Bangalore

Eternal Expression is known to be one of the coolest tattoo parlors in Bangalore. The artists here specialize in portrait tattoos, however they are open to tattooing designs that you present to them as well.

8. Devil’z Tattoo Center, New Delhi

This is one of the best tattoo parlors north of India. The founder, LokeshVerma, is a self-trained artist and has gone on to become one of the best-known tattoo artists across the country. This parlor operates across three branches in New Delhi.

7. 3D Tattoo Studio, New Delhi

This parlor has recently opened in New Delhi and is giving established parlors a run for their money. The parlor specializes in 3D tattoos. Their USP is also re-touching worn out tattoos and giving them a fresh look.

6. KDz Tattoo, New Delhi

This is the largest tattoo parlor in New Delhi. This parlor is not just famous for making tattoos, but it is known for grooming upcoming artists as well. If being a tattoo artist is what you aspire to be, thenKDz Tattoo is the place to head to.

5. Angel Tattoo Design Studio, New Delhi

This is one of the parlors that copyright the designs made by them. This guarantees unique designs and being the center of attention everywhere. If being unique is what you love then Angel Tattoo Design Studio is the perfect place for you.

4. Art And Skin Tattoos, New Delhi

This parlor is known for its level of hygiene and efficiency. The service provided here is excellent and some of the most talented tattoo artists hone their skills here.

3. Moksha Tattoo Studio, Goa

Goa is famous for tattoo parlors at the corner of every street. However, Moksha Tattoo Studio is the best parlor in Goa. The artists specialize in portrait and tribal tattoos. They can even tattoo any design that you present to them. Another unique thing about this studio is getting unique beach tattoos done.

2. Andy’s Tattoo Parlor, Goa

Andy’s Tattoo Parlor is known to be the most hygienic parlor in Goa. Although Andy owns a small place, he is a talented artist and his designs are some of the best designs in India.

1. White Star Tattoo Studio, Kolkata

This is the largest tattoo center in Kolkata. Majority of people in Kolkata head to this studio to get inked. They have some of the most amazing artists and will replicate any design that you provide them with.

Whatever is your reason for being inked, you need to keep certain things in mind. Firstly, you need to check the hygiene of the place and the instruments used by the artist. You need to ensure that the needles are sealed and opened in front of you. You also need to check if the tattoo gun is sterilized before being used on you. Secondly, you need to check the kind of work the artist specializes in. If you are looking for a portrait or something scenic, then you need to scout the right kind of talent. Lastly, always remember a tattoo is for life – think twice before being inked.