Top 10 Best Places For Summer Camps In India

As summer’s approaching in India, people are bracing themselves for summer vacation to beat the heat with adventure and enjoyment. During the vacation, people love visiting hill stations. Nowadays camping has become one of the latest trends where the entire family can enjoy. There are several tour operators in the country are offering camping facilities within an affordable budget.

Listed below are the top ten best summer camping places in India.

10. Jungle Livinn, Himachal Pradesh

Jungle Livinn, Himachal Pradesh

Jungle livinn is one of the most adventures jungle camps located in chail village near the northern Himalayas. The village chail is surrounded by three majestic hills. The camp consists of around 20 Swiss tents with are the facilities required for camping. The camp also offers various adventures activities like hiking, trekking, rappelling and mountain climbing. The place is surrounded by Himalayan flora which provides a picturesque image of the beautiful valley. The best time to visit the place is during the month of March and June.

9. Kolli Hill Resorts, Tamil Nadu

Kolli Hill resorts are one of the best camping places among the nature lovers. The place is situated in the middle of Tamil Nadu state surrounded by wild orchids. The resort offers camping facilities for the tourists at an affordable cost. The resort is surrounded by coffee, rice and spices fields which fill the place with an exotic aroma. The location is almost 320 kms away from the bustling city of Chennai. March to June is the best time to visit the place and enjoy the serenity of the evergreen forest.

8. Banjara Camp of India, Himachal Pradesh

The Banjara Camp is situated in famous apple orchard town of Kotgarh in Himachal Pradesh. The camp offers several adventurous activities for the tourists visiting the place including trekking, hiking and mountain climbing. There are several other tourist spots available near the camp like Nagdevta temple, the Hattu peak and Juggar Lake where one can enjoy the beauty of nature. The ideal time to visit the place is all around the year, especially in summer.

7. Jungle Park, Kerala

 Jungle Park is one of the most adventurous and eco-friendly camps located in the Cardamom Hills in Kerala. The camp is a part of Green Magic Resorts which is located in the forested part and offers an amazing experience of life in Jungle. The camp offers cabins and tree house facility for the tourist visiting the place. The camp also offers both indoor and outdoor adventure activities for the visitors.

6. Sangla Valley Camp, Himachal Pradesh

 It is also rated amongst one of the best camping places in Himachal Pradesh. The place is nestled between majestic green mountains. The camp offers several adventure sports activities and remains open all around the year. The camp is located near to sports activity hub ‘Kaza’ where tourists can enjoy their summer vacations in a serene environment.