Top 10 Issues Media Should Focus In India Today

Media is an important pillar of democracy and it acts as a mirror for a society. It helps in attracting government’s attention towards social evils faced by people. However, there have been several incidences when media has been blamed for under reporting few important issues. To become a developed country, India needs to address several severe problems that often go unnoticed. Listed below are the top ten genuine social concerns that need to be addressed with utmost priority and needs immediate attention from media.

10. Environmental Change

Environmental change is one of the top concerns that need immediate media attention. Environmental change is already affecting millions of lives worldwide. It is caused due to increased green house gas emission. Several global conferences have been hosted to address the increasing threat of climatic change but very less has been done in this regard. Media can play an important role in this matter by attracting the attention of government and common people toward the climatic issue.

9. Corrupt Practices

 Since few years, media has done a great job by unearthing huge scams done by the politicians in past. However, it is just tip of an iceberg. It has been noted that media often becomes reluctant to target corruption of high stature politicians. To become a developed nation, India needs to uproot corruption and malpractices from the society and it can only be achieved with the help of fearless media that can take on corruption issues.

8. Domestic Violence

Media alertness to report domestic violence related crimes can act as a deterrent towards such evils in society. In some cases, media has done its part by highlighting such issues but majorly, media has under-reported several such cases. Media needs to come out against such perpetrators of crime so that the victims can be brought to justice.

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7. Cleanliness awareness

As compared to developed countries, India has never prioritized cleanliness related issues. Most of the big cities in the country are facing cleanliness and hygiene problems. Along with the government, media can also work to create awareness among the people.

6. Caste System

Since ages, India is in the grip of casteism. Several people have become victims of this social evil. Our constitution has prohibited the practice of casteism but the problem is rampant in rural areas where upper caste people dominates and exploits lower castes. Media needs to pay more attention towards reporting the crimes based on casteism to bring social equality in the society.


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