Top 10 Best Electrical Companies In India

There are various things being manufactured and supplies across the world for the use or to make the finalized products. But from this many industrial sectors are their which are essential for the growth of the country. One of such sector is power sector which has its presence in the industrial sector as well as in homes or offices for personal use. This industry is known as the back bone for fulfilling the power requirements of the country. There are many industries which are into power or electrical sectors which caters the need of nation.

Here some of the top reputed electrical companies in India are listed below –

10. Alstom 


It was founded in the year 1990 and had their manufacturing sites in different locations such as Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh. They are into different businesses such as systems and infrastructures, train life services, transport information solutions and rolling stock and components. It provides rolling stock for the fastest trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi in India and now also catering for the development of different metros. It is headquartered in Noida with approximately more than 1800 employees.


9. Bajaj Electricals 

Bajaj Electricals

It was founded in the year 1938 and had its headquartered in Mumbai. They are dealing into various products such as luminaries, fans, lighting, appliances, LPG, and various others products. They have the competitive pricing and their main focus is on the satisfaction of the customer. This is a part of the Bajaj group which consists of around 25 companies and more than 36000 employees.


8. ABB 


They are into different fields such as electrification of products, discrete automation and motion, process automation and power grids. It has around 12 of the manufacturing sites and seven research corporate centers around the world and from this one is there in India. It has the manpower of approximately 14000 people and is present in around 100 countries. They are helping to run metro in Delhi smoothly, largest HVDC made by them in the world, first one to test the ultrahigh voltage of 1200 kilovolt transformer of power in Vadodra, set up devices which help save energy in Delhi airport and various other achievements.


7. Wipro Lighting 

Wipro Lighting

It was founded in the year 1945 and had its headquartered in Pune. It was one of the business units of Wipro limited. They are dealing into various things such as Lamps, Accessories and Luminaries. They cater to the need of both the homes to the institutional needs.


6. L&T – Electrical and Automation 

L&T – Electrical and Automation

It was founded in the year 1938 and was a part of the Larsen and Turbo limited which deals in various products such as real estate, power, heavy equipment, financial services and various others. It has headquartered in Mumbai. It provides services across various parts of the world in different sectors such as Marine, Residencies, Utilities, Agriculture, and Industries etc.


5. Havells 


It was founded in the year 1958 and deals with various products such as kitchen appliances, lighting, fans, water heaters, LED lighting, modular switches and various others. It has around 23 branches all over the world with almost 6000 employees. There are around 11 manufacturing units such as in Noida, Baddi, Alwar, Faridabad and many other places.


4. Schneider Electrical 

Schneider Electrical

It was founded in the year 1836 and headquartered in France. They deal into various products such as industrial safety systems, electrical grid automation, home automation, building automation, switches and sockets and many others. It is one of the companies in fortune 500 company. It is also the parent company of Pelco, Square D, APC and various others. It has around 16000 employers with approximately 100 countries around the world.


3. Crompton Greaves 

Crompton Greaves

It was established in the year 1878 and are dealing in various products and services such as power systems, Industrial systems, Automation systems, and consumer products. They had offices all over the world and in India has its offices each of the regions such as North, East, South and West in various states. It had received various awards such as National awards in Best Research and Develop efforts in the year 2007, Dream Transformer in the Best Product Competition Award in year 2008, Golden Peacock Innovative product/ services award in the year 2007 and various others.




It was established in the year 1847 and headquartered in Germany. They are into various products and services like Railway, vehicles, PLM software, and building automation, fire alarms, financing project engineering, business services and various others. It has more than 16000 employees with around 22 factories all over the world. They are also in researches for different products to make the life easier and safer.


1. BHEL 

It has been founded in the year 1964 and deals in various products and services such as Thermal power plants, Hydro power plants, power electronics, semiconductor devices, gas generator, insulators, nuclear power plants and many others. It has headquartered in New Delhi. They had won various awards such as 7th largest manufacturer of power equipments in the world, National Intellectual Property Award in the year 2014 for the Innovative Enterprises, Golden Peacock Award for Occupational Health & Safety in Occupational Health & Safety for the year 2011.


There are various electrical companies and these are the best which had done lot for the country. These companies play towards the development of the various business and country as whole.

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