Top 10 Best Induction Cooktop Brands in India

Induction cooktops become a necessity in modern times for modular kitchen. It can be an intimidating task for anyone to choose the right induction for their homes. Most of the reputed companies assure less heat in the atmosphere, which can be helpful for the person to cook easily. Some of the best things that can be provided by companies are child lock features, different timer settings, easy touch controls, and auto switch-off function.

There should be an extra feature in every induction cooktop of having an extra layer of protection. By the time the upper layer of the induction can be damaged due to hot water, which can lead to electric shock. Looking at the safety features, we have made a list of top 10 brands that will assure you jam-packed protection, which also will be easy to use and give you the best experience.

Induction Cooktop Brands

1. Philips Viva

Philips established in 1893 has higher credibility after-sale services, a number of features, and genuine build quality, which makes it get the first spot in our list as compared to the other ones. It has plenty of presets to make cooking easier, and you can find several models in the same which can easily impress you about the quality.

If you are choosing the one which has a single heat panel, it will be more affordable and easier to carry. Design is absolutely great about their products and having lightweight design ensure the best use in all kind.

2. Pigeon induction cooktop

With a reputed name in India, Pigeon (established in August 1978) offers so many kitchen appliances. With an affordable price range, you can easily find the right induction cooktops by this brand. Pigeon offers good quality products that have high efficiency and better performance.

With advanced technology, pigeon offers Rapido induction plates, which are one of the most energy-efficient cooktops and also helpful in making food more delicious in less time. One of the best things about these cooktops is that they are easy to use, and you can keep it anywhere in the kitchen. Pigeon also offers auto cut off features in all their products, which can be handy sometimes.

3. Prestige induction cooktop

Among all the other brands, prestige was the first to familiarize induction cooktops in India. It is one of the best brands that people trust in every kitchen appliance. With different sleek designs in induction cooktops, this brand will provide the one that can become an extraordinary addition to every kitchen.

The normal one heat panel cooktop has the features like temperature adjustments, built-in Indian menu for different controls to make different dishes. Anything like stainless steel pots, iron pods, jugs, rice cookers can be used on this type of inductions, which have a flat surface. If the surface is not flat, there can be chances of not getting the properly cooked food as expected.

4. Usha induction cooktop

Usha induction cooktop offers a great deal to those who want a quality product at low prices. This company provides products which consume less power and cook more efficiently. Moreover, different features like cooking chapatti on it make it more suitable for Indian families. Products that have a single heat panel also provided along chord for more flexibility and also come in handy to those who want to carry it on their trips.

The company provides a minimum one-year warranty to every induction cooktop. With different features like others, this brand will also provide safety to the user. Also, better quality material will make your kitchen look modular and smarter. With an international reach, this brand becomes much popular and have respect because of the affordable price and quality.

5. Bajaj induction cooktop

There are many products that this company provides. With a well-known brand, Bajaj offers so many home appliances like irons, microwave ovens, grinders. One of these is the induction cooktops. With an anti-insecticide gel, there is no chance that any insect-like cockroach can make it filthy and ants from food decaying.

You can also choose a product that has more features like display, temperature control, child lock, and extra coating for extra protection. With a minimum warranty of one year on single burner induction, you can surely trust this brand if you are using anything of this brand.


Established in 1967, Inalsa is quite a popular Indian brand in terms of affordable prices. Their products offer two years of warranty from the date of purchase and the number of additional services is good enough to rely on their products. The cooktops are smartly designed and added with several presets.

For easier use, Inalsa offers lightweight design product which is reliable to prefer over others. Even, they are selling products abroad which can ensure the best purchase as compared to the other ones. The only issue is claiming the warranty is a bit typical among their product, so you have to pay some attention.

7. Havells

After establishing in 1958, Havells gained a huge success in electronics, and now they manufacturer, all kinds of home appliances. You can find different cooktops with an extra number of features to cook different dishes. Also, the aerodynamic feature helps to cool it down when it overheats.

With different settings, you can cook food more easily. If any of the Havells induction didn’t find and bowl or utensil, it will turn off after a little. You can also get free repairing services on these products, and also the consumer services that are provided by this brand is one of the best. These factors can easily make you prefer this brand over the other ones.

8. iBell

iBell is a popular brand which offers home appliances, car equipment, speaker system, and a lot more stuff. Now, they also offer a cooktop with plenty of presets and unique features. The best part is its affordable price, which can easily make you love using them. The quality is also good enough to rely on.

iBell cooktops come with a long warranty of two years as well as for lower prices. The built quality is quite reliable among most of the products for their price. The only issue is, if you compare it with any premium brand from the list, iBell product doesn’t seem that much sturdy and smart. These are good to get the work done.

9. V-Guard

V-guard, established in 1977, is getting the name popped up into a reputed brand list due to its great after-sale services over the other ones. Their induction plates are getting positive reviews and a great sale over other cheap brands. You can find soft-touch buttons among their products to make it look attractive. Having the extra number of presets ensure the safe purchase.

It indicates the power, and you are able to cook safely, which can make you rely on it. For the newcomers, V-Guard is offering two years of warranty on their products to ensure the safer purchase. Even after-sale services are genuine, not that great, but they take responsibility for products and claim them.

10. Sunflame

Sunflame Enterprises Private Limited, established in 1984 into the electronic world, gained popularity after achieving success in gas stoves. Now, they are also offering electric induction cooktops, and all of them are highly reliable as well as better to consider the selection of cheap brands. They offer a huge variety and plenty of sizes option.

You can find some common safety features and standard built quality to ensure safe purchase over other brands. Having one year of warranty on the product and genuine after-sale service ensures the best purchase. That’s why you can consider their products over the other ones.

How We Selected the Best?

To come up with this list, we selected a bunch of important factors. The below mentioned are all of the facts that you can consider also –

  • Reputation – Everyone wants to get a brand that is highly reputed because they are always credible and better to prefer. So, our top five brands are highly reputed in the market.
  • Warranty Period – A long period warranty is a common requirement, but one year of warranty is quite enough to ensure credibility over the product.
  • After-Sale Services – A company which claims your warranty in one or two weeks is great. They must be hearing complains and responding so that you don’t have to panic.
  • Reviews – To finalize the above-mentioned factors, going through reviews help knowing about their services, quality of products, and other flaws. So, we are considering customer opinion about the brand also.

After considering these four important factors, we made a list to represent top brands in this order, where the top one is widely popular and known for great services. The last ones are also popular.

Bottom Line

No doubt, everyone wants a genuine quality induction cooktop for easier and efficient cooking. Going with our top brands will help you grab the best deal and avoid getting into any kind of issue in the future.

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