Top 10 Best Automation Companies in India

Software automation is a very common term. Companies are working on software automation testing through which software which are developed are tested. Earlier, this testing was done manually but now automated testing is what companies prefer. It not only saves time and offer great results but also save manpower too. However, only there are few companies in the world who can go for software testing on automated basis who get projects on outsourcing basis. Few of those companies are Indian and they are deliberately offering services to their clients.

List of best automation companies are given:

10. Schneider Electric India

Schneider Electric

One of the oldest companies under the format of providing software automation is Schneider and they were established in the year 1836. The corporate office of the company is in Gurgaon, Haryana and their core business is into home and industrial automation products’ manufacturing. When the company came into the market, they were quite sure that this multinational company will do something different and better to offer them a quality lifestyle and the company is working hard to prove them right. They are working in an open market with all operations visible and also their employees are ready to serve their customers. This company is also named as the best automation company in the industry.

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9. B&R Industrial Automation Private Limited

B&R Industrial Automation Private Limited

The firm was established in the year 1979 and having its corporate office in Pune, Maharashtra. They are primarily working in Industrial automation and process control business. From the time of its existence, this company is being the favourite company for other industries offering its delightful services and also no other company yet has taken its position in the market. Since this is offering services to industries mainly, they are considered as prime company in serving large number of customers as a whole. This one characteristic make the company stand tall among others.

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8. Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation

The establishment of this firm took place in 1903 and they have their corporate office today at Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Their prime business is of instrumentation, automation and process control. After the establishment of this company, it is into the limelight by the ways of services which this company offers. You have to just tell your requirement and the company is ready to serve you automation. Rockwell Automation delivers on time and accurate data which makes its clients make a strong professional relationship. This also positioned it as the best among others.

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7. Titan Automation Solution

Titan Automation Solution

This Company was formed in the year 1984 and its corporate office is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are basically operating in Automation and industrial products. Titan Automation is having a great name in the market within the industry and serving to large number of companies in the country. Just like Tata Company, they are running on their footsteps in keeping their customers engaged with quality services. With this mainstream business, they are offering good stake and revenue to Tata Company.

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6. Voltas Limited

Voltas Limited

The very reputed company Voltas Limited was established in the year 1954 and is having its corporate office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are dealing with the automation of Air conditioner, refrigerator and automatic instruments. They are better known as the company which offer cooling products and is being a reputed name within the automation companies in India. The balance between automation and this company is very much good and it is helping corporate and individuals with their problems.

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5. GE India

GE India

Again the oldest company under this industry is GE India which was established in the year 1892. They have their corporate office in Bangalore, Karnataka. They are working to offer industrial automation and electrical appliances. They are covering many companies as their clients and also they also have a good name in households as they offer electrical appliances. With the diversity in trade, they do have knowledge and information about how to serve people. You can also call this company as the best automation company in the world.

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4. Honeywell India

Honeywell India

They are available in the market from 1906 and have their office in Pune, Maharashtra. The company is also a better company to offer automation and process solution. This company is actually helping its customers in getting valuable products and services through them. They are putting their efforts so that customers can hardly complaint in the quality of services. However, Honeywell is having experience in perfectly seeing the ways that offer benefits to their customers in large.

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3. Larsen and Toubro

Larsen and Toubro

Larsen and Toubro were established in the year 1938 and is having its corporate office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are basically dealing into heavy machinery, automation and construction. This is the most trusted name among the other companies in the automation industry in India. They have various ways with which they are providing assistance to their customers. With every possible cause, they are satisfying the customers positively.

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2. Siemens Limited

Siemens Limited

Based on the operations of distribution, automation and power, this company was established in 1847. Siemens is located at Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is growing at fast rate and that is all because of the dedicated services which they are offering to their customers. They are helping their clients and customers for every small problem that they are facing.

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1. ABB Limited

ABB Limited

Established in the year 1893, the company is located in Bangalore, Karnataka and they are offering services in automation, power and distribution. The global company is accredited for its valuable services over decades. This company is just like what you want and they are the leaders in offering automation services in India.

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So this is the list of best Automation companies in the country which provides assistance to different type of customers they have.

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