10 Easy Ways to Make Happy Your Indian Mother-in-Law

Married couples all over the world faces many problems and most important problem they are facing is how to handle the in-laws and make them happy. Some of them try to impress our in-laws to make a mark on us in their hearts, but some of us not succeed in that. It will depend on how you treat them and how you make them happy. This is for the both men and women in a marriage, but most often women are facing these problems from their Mother-in-laws. Woman suffers more tension from their mother-in-law’s.  here are some tips to take over in law’s and make them happy.

10. Positive Mindset

Be positive whatever happens around you. Sometimes you have to take some critical measures to prevent harm but your mother-in-law doesn’t understand it. At that time this kind of positive approach will help you. Don’t try to implement some negative thoughts, make her understand why you are doing this in a very positive manner

9. Communication

It’s the one of the most important thing to impress your in-law’s. You must share some of your feelings and if someone’s words hurt you. Discuss the issue with your husband and most importantly, with your in-law’s that will make her to think that she is an important person in your life. Try and talk out things with your family.

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8. Children

Allow your mother-in-law to take care of their grandchildren that is your daughter or son. Because for them grandchildren are world to them and more important than their own kids many times. She lets them stay slightly past their bedtime or gives them some more chocolate than you would to.

7. Advice

She has plenty of experience in family running don’t hesitate to take her advice. You may disagree with her and maybe decided to not follow her advice. You should be open to different ideas, at least listen, show some respect to her and don’t try to take her advice as a personal attack. She is trying to help you so you have to understand that.

6. Keep update Her

Try to make your mother-in-law to know everything about your family. If you live separate from them, send them your daughter or son’s photo that will make her happy. Because they love their grandchildren, so they believe more in you. You have to inform them about the family events in your family.

5. Treat Her Like Your Mother

Make her as your mother. Sometimes you have to treat your mother-in-law as your mother. Don’t try to give more important to your mother than your mother-in-law. Sometimes calling her as Mummy makes her happy. Even, it will help you to get more respect and affection from your mother-in-law than your husband.

4. Possessiveness

Women’s always have this problem with their loved ones. You have to understand the fact that she spends his whole life to raise her son which make her little possessive suddenly when some other  person that is you becomes important in her son’s life. Some of the mothers have a single child, her world is around him. That type of mother has more possessive character than others.

3. Give Her Respect

Respect, it is the first thing that every mother-in-law expects from her daughter-in-law. You have to show some respect to his age. Remember one thing she may have been through a lot of hardships in her life. You have to share your childhood days with her and try to make her to speak her childhood days. If she shares with you, congrats you won your in-law’s heart.

2. Expectations

It takes some time to know about your relatives and family member in your married family. Most of the daughters-in-law are welcomed with open hands into their family, but sometimes it doesn’t happen do not get disheartened. Give them some more time to understand and knows about you. So, reduce your expectation about your married family. That will help you to know better about them.

1. Friendliness

Try to make her as your friend by sharing important events in your lifetime and try to interact with her about her past. If your mother-in-law doesn’t have a daughter, you are very lucky she wants to treat you as her daughter but for that you have understand her. It takes some time, but once you succeed in that it will make your life happy in your married home. Try to avoid some silly and little misunderstanding because some time big problems are started from little dots.

These are the tips to make your Mother-in-law happy, but you have to attentive towards her and try to understand her as soon as possible. It will help you make your family happy even after you live separate from them. Best of luck for all of them who want to win her mother-in-law’s heart.

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