The World’s Top Ten Most Beautiful Women Of 2017

The world is obsessed with beauty. This is a fact. All human beings tend to gravitate to everything that is beautiful as these things actually inspire and bring them a lot of joy. Beauty is of course a very relative concept for each individual. It is always subject to opinion and much fuss. People brands some beautiful for a variety of things – sometimes for the personality, influence, traits, or good looks. It really depends on who makes the judgment call. Sometimes, we agree with their choices. But most of the time, we just agree to disagree.

This list dishes to you the 10 most beautiful women of 2016. Like every list there is, this is also highly relative and it reflects the personal choices of a writer, an organization, or a group of like-minded people. You are actually free to make your own selections. Nevertheless, read on and find out if the choices of women who appear on this list are as good as yours. Who knows, there may be similarities, right?

10. Stephania Stegman – Panama

Stephania Stegman

Stegman is a supermodel from Panama City, Panama and is currently the reigning Miss Supranational. Her statuesque height and her absurdly pretty facial features have endeared in her the adoration of so many people – men, women, and everything in between.

9. Angelia Ong – Philippines

Angelia Ong - Philippines

Classy and sophisticated would be the best adjectives to describe Angelia, not to mention that she is also very intelligent. Known for her brown features and for her winsome smile, she is also the reigning Miss Earth – which means that she loves the environment, too.

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8. Edymar Martinez – Venezuela

Edymar Martinez - Venezuela

Apart from its chaotic society and mismanaged government, Venezuela is also know all over the world for the sheer beauty of its women. Edymar is no exception. Many say that her beauty is actually perfect. She is the reigning Miss International.

7. Mireia Lalaguna – Spain

Mireia Lalaguna - Spain

Mireia hails from Barcelona, Spain and is actually a beauty that is rather simple. However, she has continuously engaged in outreach programs that help the indigent and needy ones, and for that her beauty shines even more. She is Miss World 2015, by the way.

6. Pia Wurtzbach – Philippines

Pia Wurtzbach - Philippines

Wurtzbach is an epitome of perseverance and hard work. She won Miss Philippines on her third consecutive try, and vied for the Miss Universe title – which she won. She is currently dating the dashing Dr, MIke – the sexiest doctor alive in the United States, where she is based for one whole year.

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