The World’s Top 10 Greenest Cities in 2017

These days, Mother Nature is in terrible condition. One main reason for this is the continuous residential and commercial development that occurs in the entire world. The world becomes extremely high-tech, but the environment has been put into a total threat. Good thing there are still a lot of cities out there that are implementing green programs that help save the environment. In this regard, here are the top 10 greenest cities in the world:

10. Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Despite the fact that Oslo City has a considerable amount of human population, it still managed to become one of the greenest cities the world has to offer. It’s all thanks to its federal government that implements its Green Belt Boundary program that helps in protecting its wild areas from the continuing development happening in the city.

9. Stockholm, Sweden

Because of the intense commitment of the city when it comes to sustainability, it was declared to be the European Green Capital constantly visited by nature lover local and foreign tourists. It was in the 1960s when the city’s interest in keeping the environment green has started.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

The city of Copenhagen is truly a model for environment-friendly metropolitan area that keeps on maintaining the great condition of its environment. In fact, this is one reason why thousands of tourists keep on coming back on this green city.

7. Freiburg, Germany

The truth is, there are so many things that you’ll surely love about this particular city aside from the fact that it’s one of the greenest cities in the world. It’s also one of the cleanest cities the world has to offer.

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6. Malmo, Sweden

This 3rd biggest city Sweden has to offer is promoting renewable energy solutions. It even has wind-energy park so there is no question why it is considered to be one of the greenest cities in the world.

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