Sudha Murthy Wiki, Age, Height, Biography, Husband, Net Worth

Sudha Murthy is an Indian writer and most of her work is done in English and Kannada. She is also the wife of Narayana Murthy who has served many terms as a Chairperson of Infosys. She has helped society massively because of her social work.

Sudha Murthy

Net Worth

The net worth of Sudha Murthy is estimated to be around Rs 775 Crores.

Income Source

The main source of income for Sudha Murthy is the royalty that she earns from the books she wrote. In addition to this, she also receives a salary from Infosys foundation.

Real Name

The real name of this great personality is Sudha Murthy

Date of Birth:  19 August 1950

Age: 68 Years


Sudha Murthy has an average height as she is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. In addition to this, Sudha Murthy weighs around 70 Kgs.

Marital Status

Sudha Murthy is married to N. R. Narayana Murthy

Personal Background

Talking about the personal background of Sudha Murthy, it is known that she was born in Shiggaon in Karnataka and she was born under the sun sign of Leo. The name of her father is Dr. R H Kulkarni and the name of Sudha Murthy’s mother is Vimala Kulkarni. She also has a sibling and you might be surprised to know that she has already penned down a book about her growing up. Talking about the education, it is known that Sudha Murthy completed her bachelors from BVB College of Engineering and Technology and she is an Electrical Engineer. She also has a master’s degree but she pursued her masters in Computer Science which became an important part of her career.

In the later years of life, Sudha Murthy got married to Narayana Murthy and during that time, Narayana Murthy was working in Pune for an IT company. The couple raised two children together and the name of Sudha Murthy’s children is Akshata and Rohan.


Talking about the career of Sudha Murthy, it is known that she started her career with Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company and this is also the place where she met her future husband. In addition to this, she became the first lady engineer at this manufacturing company. In the later years, Sudha Murthy joined Infosys and she also took up teaching as her profession. She taught at many reputed colleges like Christ College in Bangalore. Sudha Murthy also wrote many popular books and she wrote books only in English and Kannada. Some of the popular books she wrote include, How I Taught My Grandmother to Read, The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk, Dollar Bahu and House of Cards. These books are some of the best sellers and it should also be noted that Sudha Murthy had always been involved with charity and social work. She also helped the community by setting up libraries, building toilets and building a house in the area which had a major impact of the flood.

Properties and Cars

The details about Sudha Murthy’s cars and properties are not listed on the web.