How to Activate and Use SBI mPassbook on Your Mobile?

State Bank of India first came into existence in 1806 as Bank of Calcutta. Since then the bank had been through many rounds of merger and acquisition. The bank had been through rebranding as well and the bank’s logo was also changed during these rebranding efforts. State Bank of India has a great market penetration in India and it reaches the villages and places where other banks haven’t reached. This has certainly helped the bank in capturing the market and at the same time, it has also helped the bank in achieving the goal of financial inclusion.

The State Bank of India has also adapted to technology with the changing world and today, it offers all sort of digital services to its customers. From internet banking to mobile banking and phone banking, you get to use all the services if you have an account with SBI. Below are the details of SBI mPassbook App along with the activation process.

mPassbook for SBI

SBI lets you check the passbook on Mobile with help of the app that it provides to all the customers. You can activate the app easily and this enables you to save yourself from visiting the bank. The app can also be used to check the balance and make transactions in your account. SBI App is available for Android and iOS users which is certainly helpful for almost every mobile user in India.

Features Offered by SBI Anywhere

There are several features offered by SBI Anywhere App. Here are some of the features

  • The app lets you check the details of the account including transactions, deposit details, loan details, PPF details,and the statement.
  • The app also lets you download the detailed mPassbook
  • You can use the app to transfer funds using IMPS, NEFT, RTGS and UPI
  • The app can also be used to pay the utility bills and in addition to this, you can open FD or RD with help of the app.
  • The new app lets you manage your cards and other account related stuff. It also lets you open a new account instantly.

These are the features of SBI Anywhere App. Let us now look at the procedure to install the app and activate the app so as to check the mPassbook on your mobile phone.

SBI mPassbook Installation and Activation Process

The steps to install and activate the SBI mPassbook App are listed below

  • Installation of App – If you do not have the app installed on the phone yet then you need to find the app on Google Play Store or iOS App Store before you can activate it. Below are the direct links for SBI Anywhere App so that you can install them directly.
  • Initialize & Activating the App – After the app has been installed, you can initialize the app. You will be taken to a login screen. On this login screen, you can go ahead and login to your account using the SBI internet banking credentials. This will take you to the dashboard screen of the SBI App.

SBI Bank

  • Setting PIN for mPassbook – From the dashboard, tap on Accounts and a list of options will be displayed. On these options, click on mPassbook. Now you need to set up a PIN so tap on Generate / Reset PIN. On this screen, you can set a four-digit PIN which is necessary to check the mPassbook for your SBI Account.

SBI Bank 1

  • Viewing mPassbook – Once the PIN is set, you can tap on View mPassbook. This will take you to a new screen and you can select your account numbers on this screen. Select the account number and the mPassbook will be displayed. You can now tap on the refresh icon to sync the passbook in real time.

SBI Bank 2

You can also check the mPassbook in offline mode but the only thing is that you can update it only once the internet connection is available.

For any query in regards to App or account, you can get in touch with the SBI Customer Care. The contact number for SBI is 1800 425 3800 and it is contactable 24×7. You can also visit your branch to get the details that you need.

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