How to Activate and Use IDBI Bank mPassbook on Your Mobile

IDBI Bank is one of the leading public sector banks in India and the bank was incepted in the year 1964. The headquarters of the bank is located in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. As per the information available, the bank has more than 1900 branches and some of the branches of the bank are also based outside the country.

Owing to the multi-dimensional banking industry, IDBI bank expanded its reach from retail banking to increase market penetration and to increase its customer base. Today, you can avail facilities for investment banking, mortgages, private banking, wealth management and even private equity with the bank. These are just some of the products and services offered by the bank. There are many more and the best part is that you can use the services without moving out of the house.

For example, there was a time when you must have maintained a passbook for the bank account but today, that is not required at all.

You can use the mPassbook app to check the transactions in real time without stepping out of the house. Let us learn more about this mPassbook for IDBI Bank

mPassbook for IDBI Bank

IDBI Bank has a mobile banking app but for the people who do not feel comfortable with banking on mobile, there is an app which can only be used to check the balance in the account along with the details of the transactions. The app is called mPassbook app and in the sections below, we have listed the features of the app along with the steps to install and activate the app.

Features Offered by IDBI BankmPassbook

Some of the features offered by IDBI mPassbook app are

  • Freedom to check the passbook on the go without having to worry about visiting the branch or keeping the passbook handy and secure.
  • There is no need to remember the password of your bank account, you can use a simple 4 digit pin to login to the account and check the passbook in real time.
  • The passbook can also be downloaded in PDF format and this can prove to be handy when you need to take a printout for any purpose.
  • The app also has an expense manager which can help you in tracking your expense and managing them for yourself.

These were all the major features of IDBI Bank mPassbook App. Let us now look at the procedure to install and use the IDBI Bank mPassbook App on your mobile.

IDBI Bank mPassbook Installation and Activation Process

For installing and using the mPassbook App for IDBI Bank, simply follow the steps listed below.


  • Activating the App–Post validation, you will be asked to set a 4 Digit PIN for your mPassbook app. Once the PIN is set, you can use start using the mPassbook From next time on wards, you would not have to give your customer ID and mobile number to login to your account.

IDBI Bank 1

  • Checking mPassbook – Initialize the app to check the mPassbook and enter your 4 digit PIN. Once the PIN has been entered, the app will display the transaction history for the last 90 days. This way, you can check your passbook entries and you can also download the passbook with help of the download button on the top right corner of the screen.

IDBI Bank 2

This was the procedure to activate the IDBI mPassbook App and to use the app. If you are facing any issue then you can reach out to the bank’s helpline number and in addition to this, you can also choose to raise a complaint with help of this helpline number. The contact number for the bank is 1800 200 1947.

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