Panty Liners Vs Sanitary Pads: Comparison and Difference

There has been confusion regarding the various products of menstrual hygiene around women with the advent of innovative technology in intimate care. It becomes obvious to get overwhelming when it comes to choosing among the various products available, especially when you are new to healthy bleeding.

There are a variety of options to choose from Ranging from disposable to reusable, heavy and light flow day’s products, some specially designed for postpartum bleeding, etc. The new talk of the town has become the difference between panty liners and sanitary pads.

Sanitary pads must be a familiar name to all of you as it has been a part of your lives since you all have hit puberty. Sanitary pads must have been used by everyone having the menstrual phase as the use of tampons; menstrual cups are restricted to a limited number of women.

The use of all these different products depends on your requirement. People do face problems when it comes to using the right product at the right time.In this article, we shall discuss the comparison of panty liners and sanitary pads and chalk out some major differences.

Panty liners

Panty Liners in india

As suggested by the name, panty liners are designed as an absorbent thin sheet that is worn along with the panty for female hygiene purposes. These liners are advisable when having regular vaginal discharge, pre or post-spotting, spotting, urine leakage, etc.

They can also be used as backups for leakage from tampons or menstrual cups. They are very thin in texture and comfortable to wear. They easily fit in your panty space and have an adhesive line at the back to properly position it to the panty fabric.

Panty liners are very efficient and provide ease and comfort in wearing. It makes you feel fresh and dry throughout the day.

Although these are not suggested when having heavy or medium flow bleeding. But can be used along with tampons and menstrual cups to avoid any kind of leakage or staining of clothes.

The panty liners absorb the wetness and provide protection from perspiration and make you feel itch-free and odor-free.

Uses of panty liners

  • Light urinary discharge
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Unexpected periods
  • Days with the light flow before or after your periods
  • Backups for tampons or menstrual cups
  • During extreme physical activities to absorb sweat or perspiration

Types of panty liners

Antibacterial: these antibacterial liners restrict the growth of any bacteria during any sort of vaginal discharge. They help in maintaining your intimate hygiene and keeps you feel odor-free.

Daily fresh: They are designed for everyday use to absorb daily leakage or discharges. They provide everyday comfort and keep you feel dry and fresh throughout the day.

Sanitary pads

Sanitary Pads In India

The sanitary pads or sanitary napkins are kinds of absorbent towels like a sheet that is designed to protect your menstrual. They are made up of soft and breathable cotton fabric material with water-absorbent quality which helps to lock away the menstrual blood providing comfort. They are thick in texture and come with adhesive strips to stick to your panties preventing your pads from crumbling and keeping them in place.

They are generally used for your days of bleeding that is during your menstrual cycle when you are having heavy blood flow. They come in different sizes and shapes and have different levels of absorbance. There are pads available for different times of the day or according to the type of activity you do. There are large-sized pads used for your sleep cycle that can protect you from leakage for the entire night. There are few pads specially designed with 360° absorbent proof quality which guarantees anti-leakage and anti-staining while you are traveling or doing any physical activity. Few designs are also available for women in their post-pregnancy period when they go through a huge amount of bleeding.

Uses of sanitary pads

  • The days of heavy or medium flow during your menstrual cycle
  • For long durations- during night or traveling

Types of sanitary pads

Maxi pads: They are made up of thick absorbing cushion-like material which provides a comfortable feel and is highly recommended for heavy flow days.

Ultra-absorbent pads: they are in ultra-compressed core form which provides you a better absorbing quality

Differences between Sanitary pads and panty liners

Size: The major difference between sanitary napkins and panty liners is the size of both. Panty liners are smaller and thinner in appearance in comparison to sanitary pads which are larger and thicker in size. Panty liners easily fit your body shape and are easy to wear with panties whereas sanitary pads are not that comfortable.

Absorbing factor: Both sanitary pads and panty liners are designed to absorb any sort of vaginal discharge especially in form of blood. The sanitary pads however provide a much better absorbent factor than the panty liners.

The liners are suggested to wear only during the lighter flow days and do not protect the onset on your healthy bleeding days. Sanitary napkins being thicker and having gel locking technology absorb a huge amount of blood during the heavy flow days. Panty liners are ideal in small amounts of spotting.

Various uses: The panty liners are used for small amounts of vaginal discharge and can be used regularly to provide you protection throughout the day. It can be used along with tampons or menstrual cups as a backup plan during the night or when traveling outdoors whereas the cloth sanitary pads provide you protection only during the bleeding days to provide you with an anti-leakage experience. It cannot be used with any other menstrual product.

If you experience unpredicted periods you must opt for panty liners. Panty liners are also not visible over the clothes but sanitary pads do provide discomfort and are visible over the clothes.

Comfort: Both panty liners and sanitary napkins are preferred according to the personal requirements of a woman. The panty liners are costlier than the menstrual pads. The panty liners are easy to be carried in a small purse or wallet as they are thin and light to carry and keeps you fresh and clean throughout the day. In case of unpredictable period days, panty liners are saviors. But the heavy flow days can only be saved by a sanitary pad.

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