How To Remove Menstrual Stains From Panties?

Getting menstrual stains in the panties is something very odd and uncomfortable. It can make you feel bad. Naturally you may get stains if the flow is heavy. It is a problem that is faced by most women. It is expected that if you get periods, you will have bloodstains in your panty. You have a number of ways to get rid of this situation. One thing is simple, and if you act promptly, you may get rid of this odd situation. You need to be prompt and quick at the same time.

Some tricks to remove menstrual stains from underwear:

How To Remove Menstrual Stains From Panties?

You can follow some steps through which you can get out of the awkward situation of menstrual stains. It is necessary.

  • If you find that there are stains marks on your underwear, you can wash it under cool water. You can turn on the water so that it flows steadily from the tap. The heavy flow of the water will help in the easy removal of the stains from the panties. You must know that hot water will help the stain to get it fixed on the underwear. It is thus better to try cool water for stain removal.
  • Another way of removing blood menstrual stains from the underwear is by holding the crotch of the panty in the upward direction. Please place it in such a manner so that the stream of cold water hits the underwear and the stains removes from it. Now you can also use your fingers to remove the colors from the panty. You need to rub the fingers thoroughly on the panty. You can massage your fingers on the stain areas. Soon you will see that the stains are getting faded. It will eventually vanish with regular wash.
  • Sometimes water may not remove the stains. You can put few drops of mild liquid soap and rub it gently on the specific area in such a case. Make sure that the liquid soap is applied to the affected area. Many people use sold soaps. But it is found that liquid laundry soaps are the best. They can help in removing the stains from the panty and make it stain-free.
  • Another effective way of removing stains from a panty is to soak the product into soap water for the whole day. You must also add adequate an amount of soap to the water. After a specific time, bring the panty under water and rub it thoroughly. Soon you will notice that the stains get fade. If you still find that there are stains, you can follow the same process again.

Some other scientific ways of removing stains from panties:

It would help if you were much prompt while removing the colors from the underwear.  Here are some of the practical steps that you can follow.

  • You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove the stains from the panties. It is bleach that helps in the effective removal of the colors. To do this, you can pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into the bowl with water. Now you can use a toothbrush on the stained area. If you rub it, you will soon find that the stains are getting fade.
  • On the other side, lemon juice is the best way for stain removal. Cut the lemon into two halves and rub it on the stained area of the panties. You can bring it underwater after rubbing it for some time. Continue it for some more time, till the stain gets fader.
  • Salt is another great household way to get rid of menstrual stains. You can sprinkle the salt on the stained area and wash it underwater for some time. Within a few minutes, you will find that the stains have vanished.
  • Almost similar to salt is baking powder. It is present in nearly all the houses. You can apply it to remove the stains from the underwear. Take an adequate amount of baking powder and mix it well with water. Now put the panty on that water and rub it repeatedly. You will soon find that the stains are becoming lighter. Soon it will disappear from the panty. It is one of the effective ways of the menstrual stain removal process. You can repeat the process if the stain is not properly removed from the panty.

Getting stains on the panties is expected during the menstrual cycle. It can be removed if you follow and take adequate steps. You need to be much prompt and steady to remove the stains. Menstrual stains are mainly found if you have a heavy flow. Apart from staying cautious, you have to use good-quality pads or menstrual cups that can restrict it. However, in some situations, you may experience stains on the panties.

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