Menstrual Cup vs. Sanitary Pads: Which is better?

The menstruation problem is a major one for all of us. We always try to use the best product during this crucial period. Instead we would like to invest a good amount of money to get a smooth and better menstrual cycle. With the advancement of science and technology, new concepts have emerged. It would be right to say that a lot of people now use menstrual cups and cotton reusable pads. They are one of the best ways through which you can pass a better period. Each of these products has a specific mode of advantages.

Which one would you use?

The most vital question emerges now. Which one should we use? This will depend upon the access to water in your area or place. If you are using reusable cotton clothes, you have to ensure that there are enough water supplies. This is because to clean the reusable cotton pads you need enough water to have blood stains on the pad. Sometimes you need to soak the pad into the water.

But to clean a menstrual cup small amount of water is enough. You can wash easily with that water. It will remove everything from the cup.

The distinction between menstrual cups and pads

Menstrual Cup vs. Sanitary Pads

Before buying or deciding to buy the best item for your menstrual cycle, you need to be well aware of the primary difference between the two. Let us now proceed to the main distinctions.

  • A report has revealed the fact that a woman in his whole lifetime uses 10,000 sanitary napkins or pads. This shows that these pads are responsible for environmental pollution. But if you use a menstrual cup, you can protect the environment from getting polluted. They do not harm the environment in any way.
  • Wearing a menstrual cup will never give you any discomfort during this challenging period. However, if you wear a sanitary pad for a long time, you will feel embarrassed and discomfort. It can also bring rashes in your intimate parts.
  • Menstrual cups are of two types. The first one is available with a soft and flexible disposable cup, while the second one is available with a bell-shaped cup made of latex and silicone. On the other part, sanitary pads are made of various materials. They may also contain chemicals that can harm your intimate areas.
  • If it is all about hygiene, you must always prefer to go ahead with the menstrual cups. They are hygienic because you can use them for an extended period. It is easy and straightforward to wash the cups. With a simple wash and sterilization, the cups are ready for reuse. But this is not the case with a sanitary pad. You have to use a fresh one each time.
  • You can wear a menstrual cup for 12 hours. It will never give you any discomfort. But a sanitary pad cannot be worn for more than three to four hours. It is unsafe to wear the pads as they can cause bacterial infections.
  • Menstrual cups are cost-effective ways of dealing with periods. If you buy a cup. it can last for several years. However, in each period cycle, you need to buy a set of sanitary pads. They may be costly.
  • Menstrual cups are always perfect while you are traveling. There is less chance of leakages. But for sanitary pads, leakage is natural. It may put you in embarrassing situation. It is not suitable for traveling.

Considering all the points, it is always perfect to buy a menstrual cup to deal with periods. It is ideal for modern-day women.

Which is the best way to select a menstrual cup?

While you are planning to buy a menstrual cup, you must keep in mind some specific points. A brief discussion will give you a clear conception. Menstrual cups are available in two sizes. One is the size 1. It is applicable for women who are under 30 years of age. Even women who have never given birth can also go ahead with this size. It will fit them.

On the other part, you will get size 2 for menstrual cups. This is used for women who are above 30 years of age. It is made for women who are mothers or have given birth to a child. You can use these cups that have moderate to heavy flow of periods. You can get many companies that manufacture these types of menstrual cups. You can select the suitable one.

Most menstrual cups are flexible and can be easily inserted into the vagina. Once it gets fitted, you are free. You can now freely move to any place. It will collect the fluids, and after some time, you can dispatch them to a suitable place. The best thing about menstrual cups is that they do not absorb the liquids. This is why there is less chance of infections.

Because of several factors, menstrual cups are always considered to be the best ones for modern girls. If you are willing to enjoy a pad or tampon -free period, you can start using the menstrual cups. It will give you the freedom to stay free and relax. Instead you can enjoy and relish your challenging period days. This is why it is preferred to use the best-quality sanitary pads. You can stay well during these days.

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