Know the Science Behind Choosing the Right Masks

Ever since the global pandemic hit, we have taken measures to reduce our exposure to the novel Coronavirus. It was as unexpected as it was as terrifying and has left us anxious over our health. However, the medical authorities have recommended specific safety measures that most people have successfully adapted,such as wearing a mask and sanitizing.

When the virus started spreading, many of us might have bought a Covid mask online without proper research in a hurry. There was a panic about the market running out of masks in the face of a health crisis. Since then, the market has risen to the demand and more than made up for it. There is a wide variety available of Covid mask online to suit everyone’s needs.

Though we may be taking these necessary steps to ensure our safety, it is essential to know why the Covid mask online is useful. Many of us may not be familiar with the science behind choosing the right mask and may end up buying an improper one.


Let’s look at how the Covid mask online works to have a better understanding.

How Does a Mask Work?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise people to wear face masks and maintain social distancing to control the transmission of the coronavirus. It is because the virus spreads through respiratory droplets in the air that are released when people speak, sneeze, cough, or talk. When you are standing too close to someone, they may inhale these droplets containing the virus.

A good quality Covid mask online creates a barrier between an infected person and others. If everyone wears them, the chances of contracting the disease can drop significantly lower. Also,many infected people do not exhibit the disease’s symptoms, or they may exhibit them after a while.This is why we hear that buying a Covid mask online is necessary because it protects everyone else around you if you are infected.

Let’s talk about how the Covid mask online works to ensure your safety.

  • Filtration

In the last few months, Covid mask online has become a common topic of discussion.There are some misunderstandings about the filtering efficiency of standard masks. As you may know, the N95 masks are widely regarded as the right choice since it offers 95% efficiency in filtering the particles in the air.

However, reliable sources suggest that wearing any mask is better than no mask. The N95 OR N99 masks are effective personal protective equipment commonly used by healthcare workers present in high-risk environments. The filtration that a standard Covid mask available online offers is enough for the general public.

  • Breathability

For many people, breathability of a mask is a matter of concern. If you plan to go out in public for a few hours, it is essential to wear a mask that allows you to breathe comfortably. When you look for a suitable Covid mask online, you must find one with good filtration efficiency and breathability as well.

Since the filtration mechanism creates resistance for the air passing through the mask, it may affect the breathability. However, you can also find a covid mask online that is made with high-quality material and offers a balance between breathability and filtration. For example, Airific 2.0 Anti-Viral mask by Nirvana Being comes with unique nano-technology that offers suitable protection. It has also been tested by Nelson Labs, USA to offer protection under these challenging times.

Why Do You Need the Right Mask?

When you look for a Covid mask online, there are some things that you must keep in mind. To put it simply, if a mask is not comfortable to wear, you will not be able to wear it for an extended period. On the other hand, the comfort of a mask varies from person to person. There is not a one-size-fits-all option available.

We have distinct face shapes and sizes. Ideally, a face mask is supposed to cover your mouth and nose appropriately. If you buy a Covid mask online that is ill-fit, it will fail to serve its purpose as the air will enter without being adequately filtered. Hence, it is also crucial to look for good quality Covid mask online to ensure they do the job well.

Some people remain skeptical about wearing a face mask. There has been growing evidence that suggests wearing a mask is effective in reducing your chances of infection. In times of uncertainty like this, it is favorable to take preventive measures rather than regret it later.