5 Tips to Focus Your Mind on One Thing and Beat Distractions

Focus now comes with practice and commitment. The game of focus has changed ever since the increase in the number of distractions. Social media noise, emotional war, wandering minds, and environmental noise are among the contributing factors to your distraction. The strategy becomes straightforward with commitment and willpower, which is a must-have quality, and you need to develop this over time. You might be juggling between your work life, college life, and relationship, enable to understand your focus and purpose. Focus is a skill to master because a wandering and unfocused mind are always unproductive.

Tips To Increase Focus And Cut Off Distraction

Increase Focus And Cut Off Distraction

Before you start concentrating, cut off distraction first. Distraction is the number one source of your decreased focus that affects your productivity. Let’s learn how to halt the wandering thoughts and find a peaceful place in the mind where you can be productive.

Organize And Schedule

Create a workplace with a good working environment. Keep the place organized and clean, as it will help you focus better. When you have too much on your to-do list, dedicate a time or day with strict deadlines to stay in sync. Don’t overwhelm yourself with multiple tasks on your list for a single day. It will push your focus and move you to procrastinate, ending your day with the incomplete task and least productivity. Organizing and scheduling have to become a daily part of your activities, as it is the place where focus starts and gains heights.

Diet, Sleep And Drink

You cannot focus if you have a poor diet and sleep patterns. Your diet needs to be nutritious for your brain to function. “Sleep deprivation is terrible for your brain” said Mitchelle Morgan, a Health writer. Sleep is what energizes your brains, helps to regain the drained mental energy. You should at least have 7-8 hours of sleep for your brain to energize and rejuvenate brain cells. Hydrate your brain by drinking water more than your throat’s thirst. A hydrated brain functions more actively and help you to be focused on your tasks. Water alone is not enough, you can have juices from fruits rich in fiber and minerals, beneficial to the brain.

Break Your Tasks Into Small

A task with big goals is overwhelming- set small goals. You cannot finish too many tasks all at once. To avoid distractions, set small goals, celebrate small victories, and move to the next step. A small step towards big goals can support you in achieving great results. Big goals will only leave you procrastinating or demotivating. It’s better to break your big project into small and accomplish them and then move to the next target. Dedicate time and create strict deadlines for yourself and repeat, until you become pro at avoiding procrastination.

Kill Your Distractions

There are two types of distraction, one coming from your mind and the other coming from the environment. Both the distractions need to be blocked to practice focus. Practice mindfulness and prepare your mind for work. The best way is to let your mind associate a place as your workplace, where you only carry out the productive task. Take breaks in between the session but out of that workplace. This will help your brain absorb and focus better when you are in that place. Turn off all the notifications if you are working on a phone. If you are obsessed with constantly checking your phone, shift all your apps to different locations. Use earplugs in case, you are working in an environment that is noisy or crowded.

Keep Track

It’s important to track your activities, so you can do things better. Maintain a to-do list and check out the tasks that you completed. Also, jot down the number and the periods of break that you took in between those focus spans. Tracking your activities will help you stay motivated towards your goals. Do not forget to reward yourself with upon task accomplishment. Try the Pomodoro technique to increase productivity and attention span, and see if works.


The fast-moving world has developed too many technologies, and the number of distractions is also increasing accordingly. These distractions can be in the form of work stress, family stress, environment, wandering thoughts, and mobile phones. Healthcanal.com stresses having a healthy lifestyle, lifestyle is an important aspect of a good health. The problem needs immediate fixing if you want to be productive. Productivity is the end result of focus so working on your focus and attention span is equally important. You can also work on short and easy goals while improving your lifestyle along the way.

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