10 Most Interesting Facts About Oxygen You Should Know

Oxygen is one important element that is very important in the world. It is mainly found in the atmosphere since without this element, people in the world can never live and survive. It is an odorless and colorless reactive gas. In fact, the earth’s atmosphere is made up of 20% oxygen. Amongst all the important elements in the earth crust, Oxygen is known to be the most abundant one. It can be in a form of carbonates, silicates, and oxides. In relation to this, here are 10 interesting facts regarding oxygen:

#10. When compared to nitrogen, oxygen is way more soluble in water. When these two have the same solubility level, then it would surely be dangerous since there will be lesser oxygen that could be present in river, lakes, seas and some other water bodies if that is the case. Because of this, some important living organisms that can be found on them may not survive.


#9. The truth is, oxygen cannot be burnt unlike the nitrogen. If it can be burnt, then maybe, we are not surviving in this wonderful world since it will be all lost for quite a period of time. That is something that we must remember. Even so, oxygen is one great supporter in making some other substances burnt.

#8. In our atmosphere, dry air can of course, be found. With this dry air, nitrogen is around 78 percent. On the other hand, oxygen is around 21 percent while the 1 percent is made up of some other gases.

#7. Amongst all the living things present in this world, almost 2/3 has lighter or heavier weight and it is all because of the presence of oxygen on them. Oxygen is present in the water; it is around 88.9 percent in the water. And just to remind you, almost all living things are composed of great percentage of water.

#6. In our planet’s atmosphere, oxygen is very unstable. In other words, it may be lost in the atmosphere that may cause massive death on us humans and the animals. The big question is, why it is not happening. Well, the best answer for that is because oxygen is being constantly replenished by the plants present in Mother Nature. It is through the process known as photosynthesis.

#5. Just in case you don’t know, living things just like plants are the ones that can release a considerable amount of energy. This is actually the reason why the Mother Nature filled with so many plants must be taken cared of. Moreover, these things are some good signs that a certain planet can be liven with people and animals.

#4. The earth’s crust is heavy enough when talking about weight. In this regard, 90% of that weight is because of the presence of oxygen. There are actually 5 elements that compose the crust of the earth. These are oxygen, calcium, iron, silicon, and aluminum.

#3. Oxygen is present in the stars, and this is the main reason why stars are heavier compared to 5 or more suns in the earth. However, this can only happen when there are nuclear fusion reactions happening on the stars. In these reactions, stars are usually burning helium and carbon, or carbon alone.

#2. If you are not aware, there are a number of elements present in the entire universe. Some of the rich elements that can be found are silicon, calcium, nitrogen, zinc, selenium, iron and a lot more. However, amongst these abundant elements, oxygen is known to be in the 3rd place when talking about abundance.

#1. In the past years, oxygen is known to be the standards of some other elements when it comes to atomic weight. Even so, it was in the year 1991 when oxygen was replaced by another element known as Carbon 12.

These are 10 interesting facts regarding oxygen that you should know. Oxygen is very important element in our lives, so you must be well-acquainted about it.

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