Linux Hosting: Top Advantages and Disadvantages

It cannot be denied that Linux is one of those famous operating systems that are used all around the globe. Linux is actually Unix’s open source version. This is a very important operating system in the corporate world. If you are one of those people who are making use of Linux operating system, then you can enhance your internet browsing experience by having the Linux hosting as your web hosting of choice. Linux web hosting platform used to be the most popular one all over the world, but not until the emergence of Windows web hosting platform.

Linux has been the choice of people when it comes to web hosting for more than three decades already. It is widely used in giving web server to billions of nitizens, DNS services, database, and email hosting. Linux hosting actually involves different sorts of Linux and Unix operating systems, and good example is the FreeBSD.

Top Advantages of Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting

Just like any other web hosting kinds, Linux hosting can also provide a lot of advantages. These advantages are actually the main reasons why people rely on Linux. Some of these amazing advantages are the following:

  • You Can Be Able to Download Lots of Applications and Software – An open source software is the one being utilized by the Linux hosting, and this is the main reason why it is possible for you to download almost all software and applications that you want.
  • PHP Compatible – PHP is amongst those famous languages used for programming in the virtual world. The good news is, PHP is compatible with the Linux hosting, so there is no need for you to worry as far as programming is concerned.
  • Testing New Things is Possible – One other advantage of Linux hosting is for those practicing programmers out there. Yes, you read it right. Practicing programmers can make use of this web hosting type when they want to test some new things.
  • Very Affordable – If you want to try Linux hosting, you will definitely love the fact that it is extremely affordable on your part. It is simply because Linux hosting does not require installation of the proprietary software.
  • It Supports Diverse Scripting Languages – Aside from PHP, Linux hosting actually supports some more scripting languages that are commonly used in the virtual world. These are the Python, Perl, and the Ruby on Rails.
  • It is Not that Strict – Linux hosting actually does not impose too much strict rules. This can be confirmed by the fact that you can move your Linux-hosted website to a Windows server. Amazing, isn’t it? Only Linux can do that for sure.

 Some Disadvantages to Watch Out For

Of course, advantages are always accompanied with several disadvantages that you surely do not want to experience. Even so, there are some cases that these disadvantages are inescapable, leaving you to have no choice but deal with them. Some of these disadvantages are written below:

  • Windows Applications May Not Run with Linux Hosting – Windows and Linux are actually two of the most famous web hosting types available these days. These two are even considered to be the tight competitors to one another. This is maybe the main reason why Linux hosting cannot be able to access Windows applications. Hence, if you have a Windows-designed website, then it would be great for you to go for Windows web hosting, and not for Linux.
  • It Does Not Support ASP and .NET – Another major disadvantage of Linux hosting is the fact that it does not support .NET and ASP. In fact, you can never find any platform of a Linux web hosting that supports it.
  • Sensitive Case – One other disadvantage of the Linux hosting is its directories as well as filenames are known to be very sensitive case.

If you are one of those people who are not that oriented regarding Windows, then the Linux-based hosting plans are the ones that you should choose for your web hosting requirements. Linux hosting has great stability and reliability. This goes to show that Linux hosting is great for you to choose. Just see to it that you are well-aware of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of this web hosting kind just like those things mentioned above.

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