10 Interesting Facts about Moon You Probably Don’t Know

Everyone loves the shine and sparkling of the moon at the dark night. Moon is the only natural Satellite of the earth and it was formed almost 4.6 billion years ago. Have you ever wondered if there is any science behind the new moon and the full moon? Is there any life on Moon? Or is there any water on Moon? Yes?

So, here all the answers to your questions by some of the following most interesting facts about Moon:

10. Moonquakes

The earthquakes like thing that can cause the shaking fits to moon are the moonquakes. Despite of being the lonely planet and the rocky hunk of the Milky Way, moon is also prone to the moonquakes that cause the too much cracks in its surfaces. There are almost four types of moonquakes and of them three are quite harmless, but the fourth one, which is called the Shallow, can ring the moon like a bell with its horrible and vigorous shaking which can last up to 10 minutes.

9. Making of the moon

According to theory of Big Whack, moon was formed shortly after the creation of the Earth and the Solar system by the collision of the big rock that was of the size of the Mars planet and a cloud of vaporized rock began an orbit around the Earth. The cloud further condensed and later on forming the moon.

8. The Moon Trash

Everybody knows that there have been several people on the moon that created their name in the world. But not everybody is known of the fact that those people treated the moon like the picnic point of their planet. According to research, it is suggested that people who managed to visit the moon left almost 181,437 kilograms of trash on moon.

7. The Moon Is A Burial Ground


Not even I knew before, that Moon is the Burial ground which is comprised of the ashes of the Shoe maker and the famous astronaut and geologist. His biggest dream of his life was to visit moon but due to some medical issues he was not able to fulfill his dreams. And after his death, NASA fulfills his wish and sent his ashes to the moon.

6. Bigger moons in Solar Systems

While we wonder how big the moon is, there are more moons out there in the solar system that are even bigger than the moon of our Earth. The largest moon in the Solar System is called Ganymede that revolves around the Jupiter.

5. Moon’s Dancing Dust

It is studied in detail by the Apollo astronauts, that there is something that happens to the dust while the sunrise and the sunset on the Moon. The exact phenomenon of this is not known however, the hovering of the dust particles are seen during every sunrise and sunset.

4. Moon also has Atmosphere

The atmosphere of moon is called the exosphere which is surrounding the whole diameter of the moon. This atmosphere is made up of the gases like helium, neon and argon.

3. Water Exists on Moon

We had often heard that there is no water on moon, but the fact is untrue because according to recent researches on the moon, the frozen water lurking is present in the permanently shadowed carters and the deep below in the soil. That is not less than a surprise.

2. No gravity

Gravity is much weaker at moon and it is about 27 percent more the size of the earth. The prove of this could be found by dropping a rock on the surface of the moon and it will fall more slowly only about 1/6 times than that of the earth.

1. Moon is not Round

We have studied from all our school that moon is round in shape but it is not true as it is of the shape of the egg or elliptical. This often comes as surprise but it is a true fact!

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