How to join Khalsa Aid?

India is the only country where people follow their religion, caste and language. Thus, mix-culture is found in this country. Each religion has its charity and organizations to help needy people. Among all, the Khalsa aid is the most popular and well-known non-profitable charity which is a UK-based caring organization. It was founded by Ravinder Singh in the year 1999 who was hit by the dilemma of the immigrants in Kosovo. It was the first globally humanitarian charity joined by almost every religion to serve humanity by following Sikh Principles.

This organization has various sub-groups globally and lakhs of the people ( Sangat) are a part of it. The main aim of Khalsa aid is to serve humanity across the world. It helps victims who had lost their livelihood, house and family in natural or man-made disasters such as War, Floods, earthquakes, Famine and many others. All the volunteers of Khalsa Aid are providing psychological, social, financial and spiritual supports to these kinds of victims.

They serve food, water, medicine, clothes to all needy people. It is one of the world’s largest charities funded by millions of people whether they are Sikhs or non-Sikhs.

Have you interested to join Khalsa aid? If yes, then you can join the volunteering team of Khalsa aid. Volunteers are always welcomed to become a helping hand. You can visit the official website You can also join Khalsa Aid by sending your details. You can also contact Registered Charity Number: 1163294

How can apply?

There is no specific registration procedure for joining Khalsa aid. You just have a true dedication to serving the community. All volunteers need to follow Sikhism principles first. They also have familiarity with the Sikh religion. If you are joining Khalsa aid for the first time, then you would go for proper training. All newly add up volunteers are security checked.

If you are thinking to join Khalsa Aid Projects, you can contact on the official website or check the following reference links:

  1. Phone Number – 0044 (0) 1753 567 457
  2. Email Id –
  3. Instagram account name –
  4. Twitter Account –
  5. You Tube Channel –
  6. Facebook Link –

Fun Fact:

During the pandemic, the Khalsa aid is one of the prominent charities that take initiative to provide oxygen cylinders and essential medicines to needy peoples. And joining such popular NGOs to serve humanity by volunteering yourself will be a great deed.

Why join Khalsa Aid?

There are various benefits to join Khalsa Aid. Some of them include:

  1. It offers worldwide services through its volunteers at the time of disasters like floods, drought, earthquakes, etc.
  2. It is one of the largest and non-profitable organizations which is self-built and run by millions of sewadar (Helping hands).
  3. There is no entry fee or further charges to join the Khalsa Aid.
  4. All facilities will provide to volunteers which are very well-known by authority.
  5. It hires genuine volunteers and people to their Charity who helps needy people.