How To Stop Your Dustbin From Smelling?

A dustbin serves the essential purpose of keeping home and offices clean along hygienic. Using the right-sized dustbin as per the requirement and choosing the right type can provide several benefits. You can find that the market is flooded with several types of the dustbin, which offers the functionality to open the lid with your feet, sensors and much more.

All the dustbin types are serving the same purpose, however, you can find a distinctive issue with a few types and it is the issue of bad smell coming out of the dustbin. This issue is common in kitchen dustbins. If you are also dealing with the same issue, it is necessary to figure out the issue. There are many things that you can do to prevent your dustbin from smelling. Before that, let us start by knowing that why your dustbin smells a lot than others.

Why does your dustbin smell a lot?

dustbin smell

There might be several reasons, which can make your dustbin smell bad and spread a poor odour in the room. We have listed a few reasons behind dustbin causing the excessive smell in the home.

  • Bacteria is the primary reason behind the smell of garbage. If you are throwing so much plastic or paper stuff in the garbage, it won’t smell until you pour any liquid. Moisture is necessary for bacteria to grow and when you put a few drops of water in the dustbin, it will smell.
  • Kitchen waste like fruit peels, coffee or tea bags and such other things are full of moisture. When you throw these things in the dustbin, bacteria start decomposing all the food items and more. The smell will get worsen with the number of days.
  • When dustbins are put in direct sunlight areas, the water content in the dustbin starts creating a moist zone for bacteria. It is the most common reason as if you are putting the dustbin with the lid off in direct sunlight areas.
  • Not cleaning your dustbin on the daily basis is also a major issue. Well, it is not possible to clean the dustbin every day, but it is necessary for the kitchen’s dustbin. Some people avoid cleaning their dustbin and it can cause a bad odour.

These are the common reasons and you can automatically find the solution by eradiating these issues. However, there are some straightforward and effective tips we have in our bucket. These tips will help you get rid of the bad smell.

Tips to Eradicate Dustbin’s bad smell

Here are the few easy to follow tips to maintain cleanliness and hygiene of dustbin to eradicate bad odour in your house or office –

  • Use News Paper – A simple and easy method to keep your dustbin clean is by recycling the old newspaper. You can put a few layers of newspaper inside the dustbin to absorb unwanted moisture and keeping the bottom clean.
  • Cat Litter is Perfect –Have you ever thought that cat litter is designed to absorb the unwanted smell and keeping your room feel clean? Well, the same cat litter can be used in the dustbin to prevent unwanted smells.
  • Use Baking Soda – By using baking soda to clean your dustbin, you can get rid of the rusty bottom of the dustbin. It is one of the easy and highly effective methods.
  • Place your Dustbin in Shade – One of the best methods to prevent any smell from dustbin by not doing any extra work is to keep your dustbin in shade. By this method, you can reduce the growth of bacteria causing due to moisture.
  • Avoid Putting Fruit or Veggie Peels – Always use a different dustbin to put fruit, veggies or meat pieces into the dustbin. Make sure that you clean these kinds of dustbins on the daily basis to prevent any bad odour inside your home for effective usability.
  • Choose Dustbin with Lid –There are many types of dustbins available in the market and choosing a dustbin with a lid should be your top priority. Your dustbin will reduce any type of bad odour from spreading into the room. And it is an effective method for most of the dustbin smell problems.
  • Use dustbin Polybags – Dustbin polybags are effective to keep your dustbin bottom clean and they can provide better usability as compared to the other options. You can install the polybags inside the dustbin and dump them every couple of days.

By using these methods, getting rid of the dustbin smell seems like an easy option. You can use many other ways like using coffee beans to reduce bad odour.

Bottom Line

We hope that following all the above-given methods and knowing about the underlying issue can help you get rid of the smell from the dustbin. Make sure that you find the right spot to place the dustbin for effective usability.

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