How Do You Rephrase your Content Using Article Rewriter Tool

Article rewriter is a tool  that is developed for ‘’rephrasing’’ a specific article or a text. That is usually done to create content that is unique for the search engines and can help avoid plagiarism.


Plagiarism is a grave concern for every individual, even if they are working on some academic assignments, or they are a blogger. Plagiarism, which is the act of not only stealing someone’s work but also making it look like your own, can get you in some serious trouble. That is why you must rephrase your content using an article rewriter tool.

Article Rephrase tool

Article rephrasing tool works in different ways to eliminate plagiarism and paraphrase your text. Some of these replace the already existing words with synonyms, rewriting different phrases, and so much more.

Article rephrasing tools are present online in excess. However, working with every tool is very simple and easy to work. Below, we mentioned some article rewriting tool and discussed their features along with the information about how to use them.

Article rewriters

Article rewriters are one of the most innovative tools to help you with your writings. These tools have made the removal of plagiarism very easy. Article rewriters provide numerous ways of saying and writing a simple thing.

If you are a blogger, student, content creator, etc. look at the list of article rewriters present below and select the one you think will be all up to your needs.


Prepostseo has an advanced form of artificial intelligence that makes the tool a smarter one. This website makes sure that your content is not treated as an ordinary group of words only, but thanks to AI, it deeply inspects the text and generates a version that makes sense and is logical enough.

Prepostseo claims that it is a versatile tool that can help people from different circles and is not restricted to some. The advanced AI spinning allows the website tool to process unlimited searches every day at lightning bolt speed. However, even when the pace is highly fast, the tool makes sure that there are no compromises made on the quality of the content produced.

How to use the tool?

Using this tool does not require any technical expertise. It is effortless to work with, and any person can use it. Here’s how to use the tool.

  • On the primary interface, you will see that there’s a box. In that box, you have to paste the text you want to be rewritten
  • The tool deeply scans through the document provided to it using Artificial Intelligence and smartly going through the content
  • The article rewriter then passes it through AI spinning technology. That will make sure that the content the tool comes up with, is closely related to the human version.

If you want multiple efficient tools to be present under one umbrella, there’s no better website to use than This site contains a grammar checker, SEO checker, plagiarism checker, and all such tools. Still, it also includes a combination of accurately functioning calculators, such as the BMR calculator, Alc calculator, Calcium Correction Calculator, etc.

On the fundamental outlook of the website, a search option is present. You can avail thaeoption to search for your required tool.

It produces content that is all plagiarism-free. The writing style has a constant flow. In addition to article rephrasing, grammar is also checked; hence, we can say that this is an all-in-one tool. Other than that, the content produced is SEO optimized.

It is free to use, and there are no restrictions on the number of times you can use the tool.

How to use the tool?

The result is generated in about four different steps. However, these steps are not very lengthy or complicated to go through.

  • Like the above tool, you will see a box to paste your content here as well. However, you can also upload your file for this tool
  • Press ‘rewrite the article’ button
  • The article is then processed
  • The next step is the content being paraphrased
  • In the last step, you are allowed to make changes of your desire to the paraphrased content


This website creates content that is all professional. It works well for all spheres (academic, bloggers, content creators, etc.)

Although the main idea remains consistent, the rewritten article is something unique to the search engines, and the quality is kept high.

The most commendable feature of this tool is its vast vocabulary. It provides you with a list of different synonyms that can replace your already existing words to create something that is in the best-written form.

How to use the tool?

The tool other than rewriting also detects any writing issues, which might be present in the content. Here’s how to use the tool.

  • You can either paste the text in the box or you can upload the file
  • Press the ‘’check’’ button. Your article will be rewritten within literally seconds

The tool is free to use, and you don’t have to go through the process of different installations and upgrades.