How To Choose a Mattress For Back Pain Relief

Some people believe that sleeping on a firm mattress is good for their back whereas this is not true because these kinds of mattresses can cause pains on pressure points of the back. Hence you should be aware which mattress suits you because sleeping on a wrong type of mattress can cause your back aching for a lifetime too.

So, how to know that your mattress is causing pain in your back? How to know that it is time for you to change your mattress? It is when you wake up so tired with a pain in your body. This is a sign that your mattress is not right for you and you have to change it immediately.

A chiropractor physician also recommends a medium-firm mattress to the patients with back pain. Another important thing is that you should maintain a healthy posture while sleeping.

In this article, to  compare mattresses  I have kept in view their durability and comfort. So you could easily choose the best one for you.


What to look for in mattresses for Back pain

The things that you should keep in view while choosing the mattress for back pain are:

  • Support
  • Materials

I have kept in view these two things and have reviewed the best types of mattresses. By this review you can choose the mattress of your desired company.

Types of mattresses for back pain

 These are some forms of mattresses that are best for back pain:

  • Memory form and latex
  • Innerspring
  • Hybrid

Memory form mattresses and Latex:

Memory foam mattresses are best for relieving back pain because they are very comfortable. This mattress is comfortable because it is made up of a substance called viscoelastic. Viscoelastic exhibit both elastic and viscous behavior. This means that when you move on this mattress it changes its shape according to your body posture, it can deform itself.

Memory foam is mostly recommended for side sleepers. The best type in memory foam mattress is Amerisleep AS2.

Latex is considered to be the best mattress because of its softness and breathability. This mattress has a lot of benefits like it is recyclable, sustainable, and durable.

Another important thing about Latex mattress is motion isolation which means it absorbs the movements of a person hence this type of mattress is best for couples. If one person moves the other is not disturbed by his movement.


The innerspring mattress is another good mattress for back pain because of its good support which means you will not sink into it like you can on the soft mattress. These mattresses have space in them because of the spring which means they are breathable. But the innerspring mattress can cause a lot of disturbance if you are sleeping with a person who moves a lot.

This mattress is good for those people who like to sink in a mattress rather than laying straight. Some people feel easy in changing positions while sleeping on an innerspring mattress.

Hybrid Mattress:

A hybrid system is a blend of an innerspring system and a blend of memory foam or latex. It also consists of a coil which supports the spine of your back. This mattress is known as a hybrid mattress because it is a blend of the best features of memory foam or latex and innerspring mattress.

A hybrid mattress is much comfortable than the other mattresses because of its best features. This mattress allows you to have a good sleep because of its stable body support. This mattress makes you feel weightless because of its combined features so forget the back pain if you are going to choose this mattress.

This mattress also has motion isolation which means the movement of your partner will not disturb you because of motion isolation.

These mattresses are the best form of mattresses that I have chosen for you according to their quality and durability. Keeping in view all the above points you can choose ideal mattress for you to sleep comfortably. The best mattress among all these three is a Hybrid mattress in my opinion because of its best-combined features. You can choose according the best one for you according to your affordability otherwise these all are reliable.

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