How and Where To Play Andar Bahar Online for real money?

Online casinos have gained a lot of popularity in India, and they are certainly an excellent way to stay entertained. You can play these online games with your friends and families, or you can play them with strangers too. The good thing is that online casinos are also legal. One such game that has gained a lot of popularity over the few years is Andar Bahar. You can play this game online without needing a deck, card or anything else. So, if you love to play Andar Bahar, then check out the information below.

What is Andar Bahar?

As mentioned earlier, Andar Bahar is a card game with you having a high probability of winning. The game is based on your luck and your guesswork. You need a standard 52 card deck to play the game, and the chances of winning the game are 50/50. You can choose one side on the table, which would be either Andar or Bahar. Andar means inside, and this is a Hindi word for ‘inside’. In the game, Andar means left betting spot. Bahar means outside, and this is a Hindi word for ‘outside’, In the game, Bahar means the right betting spot.

If you don’t know how to play Andar Bahar, then don’t worry. We will share the rules in the section below.

Rules of Andar Bahar

The rules of playing Andar Bahar are straightforward. It is easy to play with high odds of winning. Check out the pointers below.

  • The dealer would shuffle the card, and you would need to place the bet before the game started.
  • On the table, there will be two boxes. One would have the label of Andar, and the second one would have a label of Bahar. The dealer will place the Andar labelled box on the left side, and the Bahar labelled box will be placed on the right side.
  • The dealer would then take a card and place it in the centre of the table, revealing the card’s value.
  • The dealer would then deal the card to both sides of the card placed in the middle.
  • If the card selected initially from a black suit, the dealer would keep dealing with the box labelled Andar, whereas if the card is from the red suit, the dealer will pick the cards from the box labelled as Bahar.
  • So, the dealer would now continue picking the cards until the matching rank of the card rank appears from one of the boxes.
  • So, the player who predicts which box would have the same card with the card in the centre would win. For example, if the dealer shows you an Ace value. Now, you predict that the Ace will appear in the Bahar box. If that happens, you will win the game, or else you will lose the game.

How and Where To Play Andar Bahar Online for real money

Placing the Bet & Payout

There are many Andar Bahar websites for real money where you can play and earn. The bet can be initiated with as low as Rs 10, and you can place a maximum bet of Rs 10,000. You can play according to your budget, and you can put your bet accordingly. Some online casinos would also allow you to place a side bet for various other things. If you are playing Andar Bahar for the first time, it is advisable to follow the instructions so that you don’t get lost or lose money. The instructions will have all the details like placing the bet, information on the additional bet and other similar information.

Assuming that you won the game, there will be a payout, but it depends on many factors. For example, it is first checked if the matching card appeared from the same deck or a different deck. If it is from the same deck, then you will get a 90% additional payout or else, you will get a 100% additional payout. After winning the game, you can transfer the money to your account. However, you should not use Andar Bahar as a source of income since the chances of winning the game is only 50%. There is always a chance of you losing the amount that you are betting.

Winning Tricks for Andar Bahar

There is no such winning trick for Andar Bahar, and the game is purely based on luck. There is nothing in the game that can help you win except for your luck. In such a case, you only have a 50% chance of winning the money. So, when you are playing, set limits for yourself.

Playing Andar Bahar

Many online casinos allow you to play Andar Bahar. This gives you an experience of playing the game in a live setting without compromising the comfort of your home. There are many Andar Bahar websites for real money, and you can explore them all. You can play the game on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or even computer.