Top 10 Highest Birth Rate Countries in the World

When we say that the world is expanding, it does not mean that the earth in particular is expanding, it means that the human population is expanding. Within a span of a couple hundred years the human population has multiplied by several times for reasons which are yet not entirely understandable. This increase in population is giving rise to a lot of troubles such as, depleting resources and the climatic disturbances.

Given below is a list of top 10 countries where the high fertility rates have been a reason behind high birth rates.

The list is made on the basis of the birth rate which is calculated by the world health organization. All of the given below countries have exceeded the upper limit of birth rates.

10. Afghanistan

Located in the Southeastern Asia, Afghanistan is one of the most densely populated countries, both in the world and the Asian continent. Afghanistan is an Islamic Republican State which has a maximum Muslim population. The currently is currently having a population of 32 million people with the current birth rate of 1039 per 1000 births. Considering this fact which clearly states that Afghanistan has an over whelming increasing birth rate which is exceeding the upper limit. It is expected that the growth will be increasing with a rate of 3% with every coming year until any firm steps are introduced to control the situation.

9. Angola

Being a South African country, it is most expected that Angola is a densely populated country. Angola is a small country by area but has a population of 25 million people which is expected to increase with a rate of 2.83% every year. The birth rate of Angola is 1040 per 1000 births. This birth rate has resulted into a deeply saddening condition of increasing cases of mal nutrition in children. The reason is obvious that limited resources are not enough to feed the adult population, let alone the children.

8. Somalia

Another African country on the list is Somalia with 11 million populations. The current birth rate is 1041 per 1000 births which is clearly more than expected ratio. However, the reason behind this increase in birth rate is the high fertility rate of Somalia. It is expected that the population of Somalia is going to grow by 3% with every coming year. Besides being one of the highest birth rate countries of the world, Somalia is also the 6th largest country with highest fertility rate count.

7. Malawi

When we speak of Malawi, one imagines the sight of mal nutritional children and saddening poverty. It is almost true that Malawi is one of the poorest countries of the world, yet its population is growing by an alarming rate. The birth rate of Malawi is 1042 per 1000 births which is most obviously exceeding the expected limit of births per annum. The country is entirely dependent on agriculture which hasn’t seen its best days in past few years that has worsened the condition.

6. Burundi

This is the second largest African country and also one of the most densely populated which brings it to the sixth position of our list. Burundi has surpassed the limit of 1000 births by 43 due to its high fertility rate. It is ironic because the state of Burundi has very fertile soil which makes up a successful agricultural activates, however, the high fertility is also a cause of havoc. The ever increasing population has widespread diseases from new born to elderly, from AIDS to dystrophy.

5. Burkina FASO

Another African country which has made it to our list is Burkina FASO which is situated in the western Africa. It is also one of the largest African countries with a population of 19 million and increasing with an alarming rate of 3.25% per annum. The only positive point which has been helping the people of Burkina is the sufficient availability of resources which is yet supporting their healthy life. But with a birth rate of 1042/1000 births how long are the resources going to last, it is a big question to start worrying about.

4. Zambia

Zambia is a huge country but it is yet not as densely populated as others on the list which brings us to a fact that people in Zambia are healthy and not starving for the bare minimum resources. Yet the newly increasing high fertility rate is causing a great leap in the birth rates of Zambia. The growth is about 3.3% per annum with the birth rate of 1043/1000 individuals. The lifestyle in Zambia is still flourishing given the large country that it is, people can find enough shelter and food but it is not going to last for too long if the growth continues with this rate.

3. Uganda

It seems like Africans are blessed with high fertility rates which is why another country of our list is African, namely, Uganda. With a population of 40 million, the growth is yet growing with a birth rate of 1045/1000 individuals. The life here in Uganda is suffering greatly given the fact that resources are depleting just as the population is increasing. Even the government of Uganda is failing at meeting its end let alone arrange for enough fodder to feed its citizens entirely. It is time that they start with population management before the country runs out with food to eat.

2. Mali

Situated on the western Africa, Mali lies on the borders of the great Sahara Desert. The expected standards of living at Mali are greatly jeopardized by its high fertility rates which have caused a great increase in its population. The current birth rate at Mali is 1064/1000 individuals with an already 15 million population.

It is speculated the population to be growing with a rate approaching 4% in coming years. Due to majority of its citizens are situated in the rural districts, the living conditions are even poorer than speculations.

1. Niger

Since the Niger is situated on the banks of River Niger in Africa, it is also named Niger. Niger is a large country located in the western Africa. It is not only large in its area but also in terms of population as well as the growing birth rate. According to a recent survey, the current birth rate of Niger is 1047/1000 births which is clearly due to high fertility rates. The ever increasing population is becoming a great obstacle in the way of growing as an economy. It is also hindering the revenue production due to the resources which are depleting in order to provide shelter and food to its citizens.

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