HDFC Bank Net Banking: Online Registration & Login Guide

The internet and smart devices have made the payment and purchasing the products much easier than before. And the banks have played their part by providing the customers the reliable and efficient internet banking. Now, you can easily do the transactions, and do money transfers to other bank accounts without actually leaving your home. And the best part of the internet banking/net banking is you can use it whenever and wherever needed. You can use the bank services during the national holidays and other bank holidays that won’t be possible if you use the traditional way of banking. So, if you are involved in a business, or use the banking services more than normal users, then use the net-banking services of your bank and move ahead with the technology.

If you have an account in HDFC bank, then you would agree that the bank has a better customer care and services than the other government and private sector banks. And apart from numerous other services, the net banking services of the HDFC bank are also brilliant and if you are new to the bank then it is advised that you should register yourself for the net banking by following the simple procedure. The net banking allows you to transfer the money to the beneficiaries, pay bills and let you avail numerous other useful services that usually takes a lot of time while doing the task in a traditional way by visiting the branch. You can also apply for the additional services through your net banking account that will eventually save your time that would have been wasted by visiting the bank and meeting the bank officials.

Here is the list of steps that you need to follow in order to create a net banking account using the details of your bank account. Go through them, and apply for a net banking account, which would be a great step for your business and personal life.

Step 1: When you open a savings account at the nearest HDFC Bank, then after completing the formalities, they will provide you a net banking kit, which contains the IPIN which will be used as the password while using the HDFC net banking. Another thing that you would need to have to use the HDFC net banking is user id/customer id. This customer id can be found on your passbook, or checkbook provided by the bank.

Step 2: Once you have both user id and IPIN handy, log on to the HDFC net banking website (, and enter the user id and IPIN (provided with the net banking kit).


Step 3: You will then be redirected to the password reset page, where you can enter the password of your choice. Make sure to choose a good alphanumeric password that is hard to guess even for your family members and loved ones.

Step 4: Logout and login again using the user id and new password. You can now use all the services through your net banking account.

In all, the net banking service from the HDFC bank is a great initiative from the bank to let the users use the banking services without even visiting the branch. Moreover, this is also very beneficial for those users who travel a lot or live a place away from their home branch. So, activate your HDFC net banking account and avail the services that you will love to use while at home.

You can use the net banking facility to make a cheque-book request, open an RD or FD without heading towards the bank. So, take the advantage of being technically advanced and smart enough to use the facilities provided by your bank. If you have a smartphone or a reliable internet connection then opt for the net banking option and avail the best service for the option. By opting for the net banking, you can easily avoid going to the bank every now and then. Having net banking activated on your account is one of the most essential things that you must have at this time.

So, if you haven’t applied for the net banking from the HDFC, get the kit right now and activate the services to get the things easier for you.

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