10 Interesting Facts About Indore City, MP

Indore is the city around chhatris near Rajwada. It is the same place where Indore city was founded. Indore city got the first name Indur from Lord Indra. Now, it was the forest with density and was once known as the safe to keep a halt when you are traveling to Nagpur from Gwalior. All of these was on the past, today Indore is considered as one of the cleanest cities of India. It is because each and every inch of Indore is free from dirt and is clean. Not only in India but Indore is considered to be the cleanest city in the entire South Asian region. there are no cities as clean as Indore.

You might now know it is considered as one of the cleanest city, here are some of the interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about Indore.

1. Asia’s Biggest Colony

You might now know that Indore is considered as one of the cleanest city in Entire Asia. What if we tell you along with the being the cleanest city, it has the biggest colony in Asia? A colony named Sudama Nagar is known as the largest colony in Asia. The colony is so big; you can’t find a house unless you have an exact address for the same.

2. Detroit of MP

Back a few years back, the cleanest city was considered was called “Detroit of Madhya Pradesh”. This was due to the rapid development of both the residential and commercial buildings. The city was developing at a huge speed and all the building were establishing in no time. The development was seen so much fast that it was considered as Detroit of MP.

3. Two Jyotirlings in 100 Km from Indore

Indore is the only city in India which has the not one but two great holy Jyotirlings of India. Both of these Jyotirlingas were in the radius of just 100 KMs. The two Jyotirlings are Ujjain and Omkareshwar. Both of these are considered holy and can be traveling in 2-3 hours from Indore. This is the only city in India which has two holy jyotirlingas nearby.

4. Food capital of India

For foodies, Indore is the city which you will surely love. This is the only place where you will find 20-25 flavored Pani Puri. Along with this, there are several posts like Chappan and Sarafa that offers each and every recipe. Indore is the Disneyland of Food. For this reason, Indore is considered as Food capital of India by any people.

5. Biggest Ganesh Idol

Ganesh is god for Hindu People. In fact, in South India, it is the most worshipped god. Indore has the biggest Ganesh Idol in the entire Asia continent. The Ganesh Idol is 25 Feet tall and colored as Bright Orange. The idol is the largest and is considered the most worshipped idol. For the people who are devotional, you just got one other reason why you should take a visit to Indore city as soon as possible.

6. Biggest Medicine wholesale market

Till now, we have been comparing it to the entire continent and the country. It’s time to go a little downwards. Here, we are talking about central India. Indore has the biggest medicine market for wholesale purpose as well as retail in Central India.

You can get each and every medicine in bulk or in retail. By this, it also tops the charts when it comes to coming towards health and medicines.

7. The ritual of Pitra Parvat Plantation

India is famous for its culture and the rituals performed here. Along with the many of this Indore has its own famous ritual. It is called Pitra Parvat Plantation. This is the name of a place. The ritual includes planting a tree that can be completely dedicated to ancestor Gods of any person.  In Hindi, Ancestors are called Pitru and paravat means hill. Hence the place is famous by the name Pitra Parvat Plantation. This is a great way not only to keep on the ancient rituals but also for Global warming.  This is done only in the City of Indore.

8. Golden Rath

You might hear about Gold coins and everything, this city has a Golden Rath. It is not an ordinary rath. Seth Hukumchand Ji ordered to make this Golden Rath only for Lord Mahaveer. The rath is so precious that it isn’t even exhibited publicly. It can be seen only once a year on the precious occasion of Mahaveer Jayanti. So, whether you are planning to stay at Indore or visit Indore, makes sure you reach there at the time of Mahaveer Jayanti to take a look at this amazing creation.

9. IIT and IIM – Both at the same place

When it comes to education, the best institute you that are famous are Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Both of these are good at their own place. No matter where you planning to take admission, Indore has got both. It is the only city in India that has both of the biggest Institute. By this, Indore also tops when it comes to education. So, make sure you score high enough to get admissions in one of this famous institute.

10. MHOW – Military Headquarters of War, Indore

After all of these, safety comes first. When you listen to the word safety, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Indian Army. Indore has the headquarter where the military is trained. The center is known as MHOW which stands for Military headquarters of war. It controls the best thing in control and training of Indian Army.  It is not exactly located in Indore city; it is near it.

These were some of the top 10 best amazing facts that you probably didn’t hear about the cleanest city of India. Along with all of these, Indore has various amazing facts which you will see when you visit the city once or you plan to move there.