10 Interesting Facts about HCL Technologies

IT is the leading sector, which is getting profitable day by day. With the advent of technology, there are hardly any who does not know the use of computers and how to deal with them. The introduction of computers brought forward HCL, which is a leading IT company in the world. The revenue of HCL is about $ 2 million and it is a trustable company with honest and intelligent employees. They help in turning all the milestones into success every time. The leaders are great inspiration to the world and they help people to go ahead in their lives.

Some of the interesting facts about HCL are listed as under:


10. Employee First Customer Second

Vineet Nayar, the CEO of HCL came up with an utterly new philosophy and plan. He made a philosophy Employee First Customer Second. He wanted HCL to be a unique employee organisation where employees have full freedom to share their opinions and give decisions. According to him, this would create more transparency in the organisation and people would be work driven. The organisation would also work as a value driven organisation, which would make employees more inclined towards work.

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9. Development of Women First Council

HCL supported the independence of women and this council was created to focus more on women development and to give them better job prospects so that they can lead a better life. To keep in mind the concept of women development, a website was launched by HCL, which was a women exclusive website. Al kinds of women related information, safety and security in the work force, etc. are provided to women. They are also given guidance about how to balance life in both the forefronts.

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8. Directions

Directions is considered as an annual company wide event where the CEO and the employees out of closed door meetings and think of something innovative to make their company more prosperous. In this discussion, everyone is allowed to speak in the same language so that one can understand each other’s mind-set. Vineet takes two weeks out of every year to prepare for this event, which is large, and people get equal opportunities in this event.

7. O2 League of extraordinary

HCL recognises all those employees who are high performers and help the company in moving ahead. O2 is a system that has been created in HCL to recognise all those employees. Those employees who worked hard for the past 2 years are given a promotion and reward so that they continue working hard in the near future. This is the main reason that everyone works with full dedication.

6. MITR council

In HCL all, the family members of the employees are secured at all costs. HCL started with the MITR council which provides helping hands to all those who are working with HCL. The family members are provided with expert counselling on any matter that is disturbing them. They are also provided guidance on which path is more successful for them to take. This counselling is available to them 24*7 and HCL always fulfils its demands.

5. Genie

HCL also has a genie that is the main one under whom all the works are being undertaken. The genie is the personal assistant to all who is an entertainer and a shopper. Anything you want and genie is the one who can present it to you. Genie can take any request within the office premises and program it accurately. Every trivial chores can be maintained by Genie.

4. Conducting of weekly polls

There might be certain issues that are not known to anyone and which can create many problems in the work environment. This is the main reason that weekly polls are conducted to take the opinions of the employees and to know if they are suffering from any kind of issues. The results of the weekly polls are shared on intranet, which help in easy decision taking. The employees themselves help in taking the correct decisions.

3. Training in HCL

HCL applies a four method training procedure to give complete guidance to its employees. It starts with the five methods that are Computer Based training, Led Based training, Web Based training On Job training and blended learning. Here, they are given information about the basics. Next comes the four track, In campus, fresher, Ongoing and Re skill. Behavioural training is also provided so that the employees know the exact way of dealing with customers. Leaders Tech is an internal program that helps in final making of the employees.

2. Results of HCL

HCL is regarded as that organisation that has the “World’s Most Modern Management Idea” by Times magazine. HCL is t. It is the only company that gives more importance to its employees. It provides all necessities to its employees and their families. They feel that when the employees are happy, it would lead to more profit in the end.

1. The 360 degree feedback

This is a unique kind of feedback where the employees are tested and they are said to change their behavior if it is not turning out to be good. This feedback is not related to promotion or any kind of appraisal. Those managers and employees who get negative feedback tried to change their style of thinking so that they can help in the profits.

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These are some of the facts about HCL! It is indeed a great company.