10 Lesser Known Facts About Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Coronavirus is a dangerous respiratory disease that is spreading like a fire among people. This disease is much deadlier among older people when compared to younger people. The COVID 19 was first reported in China in December 2019, where it has started its hunting task that brought the worst mortality rate. The common symptoms of COVID 19 include fever, cold, and breathing issues. It appears like the normal flu, but in the worst cases, it causes pneumonia and severe breathing problems leading to fatal conditions. Here we will discuss the 10 lesser-known facts about COVID 19 so that it will help you to stay safe against the virus.

Coronavirus (COVID 19)

1. COVID 19 spreads majorly through coughs and sneezes

According to research, it was found out that this deadly virus spread from one person to another through coughs and sneezes. When the infected person coughs or sneezes, tiny droplets may leave from your mouth and nose, and it stays in atmospheric air, which you can’t see. The person who inhales those droplets may easily get this deadly virus.

2. Whether COVID 19 affects only older people

It is another crucial fact that this deadly virus may affect any person by not depending on their age conditions. People think that this deadly disease may not attack when you are younger and stronger. But this is quite a foolishness of the people, as in China, this virus killed many young teenagers and children at a great rate. So staying safe with masks and gloves and washing your hands regularly using sanitizers are the best ways to protect you from this deadly disease by not acting smarter. It is also said that this disease is much vulnerable to older people and people who have asthma, diabetes, and heart disease.

3. COVID 19 is 10 times deadlier than the seasonal flu

Though the Coronavirus shows the symptoms of the seasonal flu, it is not the same. The symptoms that you get will be cold, fever, sneeze, dry cough, shortness of breath. This resembles the seasonal flu, but it is 10 times worst than the flu, and this disease has found to have a high mortality rate and serious respiratory problems.

4. 10-seconds test doesn’t prove COVID 19

According to experts, to diagnose the COVID 19 among people, he recommended that one can hold the breath for 10 seconds continuously to detect the coronavirus presence. But this is not true as some people can hold the breath for a long time despite they have COVID 19. This test helps identify people having serious lung disease.

5. No vaccine for the deadly Coronavirus

Currently, there is no vaccine for this deadly respiratory disease. Scientists and medical researchers started working already on this to find out the vaccine that kills the COVID 19 or ejects from your body. It is not so easy to develop any vaccine soon, as developing a safer vaccine for people may require many months to a year.

6. Whether Vitamin C supplements fight against COVID 19

Though many people believe that taking much Vitamin C supplements to our body may fight against the COVID 19, there is no evidence so far from medical researchers. Vitamin C is good for health and, at the same time, helps to develop a strong immune system. Due to this fact, many of them are recommending to have Vitamin-C rich foods. This can be a precautionary step, but the right and permanent way to fight against Coronavirus.

7. Children get more affected than adults with COVID 19

According to the recent reports, children are likely to get affected by coronaviruses. This is reported because the children are small, week, and delicate, due to which COVID 19 easily affects them.

8. COVID 19 is different from pollen allergy

People do not know how to find out whether they got Coronavirus or pollen allergy. You can identify this through the symptoms. For instance, when you have COVID 19, you suffer from fever, cough, headache, and myalgia much. But in pollen allergy, you will not get all these symptoms.

9. Receiving a letter or courier may not risk the spread of COVID 19

People doubt whether they get infected with this COVID 19 when they receive the letters or packages from outsiders. This is not so, as the Coronavirus got poor survivability on these surfaces. Since you have a lower risk of getting COVID 19 through letters or couriers, you don’t have to worry about this fact.

10. Spraying alcohol or chlorine on a body doesn’t kill COVID 19

According to WHO, it was proven that spraying alcohol or chlorine doesn’t kill the deadly Coronavirus which has already entered your body. When you spray such substances, it will result in creating harm to your eyes and mucous membranes.

These were the 10 lesser-known facts about COVID 19. Read the above facts and understand the need to stay safe and clean to fight against COVID 19.

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