List Of Dog Price Under 2000 Rs. In India

Are you in search of a canine companion? Ensure you do your homework and check out the options we’ve compiled below before settling on one. Each dog breed has its own unique set of skills, yet they’re all great.

However, if you can only choose one dog type from the options presented, you’ll likely go with the one that’s the most affordable. If you’re an Indian citizen living in India and would like to adopt a dog as a pet, we have listed best breeds of dogs that won’t break the bank.

Dog Price Below 2000 Rs. In India

1. Indian Gaddi

Indian Gaddi

Mastiff-like Gaddi Kuttas may be traced back to their home state of Himachal Pradesh in the Western Himalayas. Northern Indian states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, & Kashmir are where you can find this breed. In addition to Mahidant Mastiffs, you may recognise them as Indian Panther Hounds.

The Gaddi Kutta, a versatile breed originally developed for hunting, is frequently utilized by local shepherds, the vast majority of whom are Gaddis   According to legend, their strength can even stave off attacks from snow leopards. They have enough intelligence to herd escaped sheep & goats back into their enclosures.

They cost around 1500-200 INR

2. Mastiff


The Tehri Garhwal region of India’s Uttarakhand State is where this unique species first appeared. The Bangar Mastiff, often spelled Bangara Mastiff, got its name from the region where it was first bred. In 1963, an Indian army officer named Major W.V. Soman bred the Bhutia Dog with some other indigenous dogs to develop the breed. They were first put to use by the locals in the herding of yak and sheep and in the defence of the populace from predators such as leopards, wolves, and the like.

Mastiff dogs are available within Rs. 1500-1800 range

3. Bakharwal dog

Bakharwal dog

There is a native dog breed in the Himalayas called the Bakharwal Dog. The Muslim Gujjar nomads raised them specifically to keep predators away from their livestock. Named after the Sanskrit word for goat (bakri), Bakharwals were originally developed to ward off predators such as wolves and bears when herding livestock.

One can get them at only 1500-2000 Rs.

4. Himalayan sheepdog

Himalayan sheepdog

The Bhotia Dog originates in the Ladakh & Uttarakhand regions of Northern India, and is a breed of Himalayan Sheepdog. They resemble Indian Gaddi Dogs very much in appearance. The breed is known for being docile and loyal as well as strong and hardy. Both their master and their family are very important to them.

Get these dog breed at 1500-1800 Rs.

5. Pariah dog

Indian Pariah

One of the healthiest breeds of dog, Indian Pariahs may be found freely and easily throughout India. Many urban animal shelters and non-profit organisations provide them for voluntary adoption. These dogs, which go by the names InDog and Desi, are native to India, are a wonderful fit for the country’s environment, and make excellent pets.

Also, they are the best dogs for the hot and humid climate of India, as well as for general purposes. The Indian subcontinent would benefit most from having a Pariah dog due to the low cost and high suitability of this breed. All strays are not Pariah dogs, though, so don’t be confused.

One can get them easily at Rs. 1000-1500

6. Dalmatian dogs


The Dalmatae tribe of the ancient Roman province of Dalmatia is credited with creating the breed of dog now known as the Dalmatian. They are active canines who are great for guard duty due to their intelligence and alert demeanour. While Dalmatians can handle the heat, they shouldn’t be left outside in the freezing cold. Dalmatians are hardy and active dogs that benefit from early socialisation, training, and plenty of activity.

You can get Dalmatian dogs within 1900-2000 Rs.

7. Pomeranian

Pomeranian dog

The Pomeranian is a popular and very inexpensive little dog in India. They are well-known due to their stature and behavior.

They make wonderful companions and add much joy to the lives of their owners. The same holds true for smaller homes and apartments.

They are ideally suited to the many climates found in India and can easily adjust to the local conditions. The Pomeranian is also a good option if you’re seeking for the least expensive Indian dog.

They are the most affordable dogs available under INR 2000

8. Doberman

Doberman Pinschers

The working breed known as the Doberman is one that is both smart and brave. Their ability to shield others and amazing sixth sense are two of their greatest strengths.  They are brave and hardy pets, but they require moderate activity.

While not universally adored, Dobermans may be found for sale in most major Indian cities. However, they are among the most sought-after dog breeds due to their exceptional quality at an affordable price with low maintenance requirements.

One can get a Doberman pup at INR 2000.

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We’ve listed and ranked the most popular and sought-after dog types in India that won’t break the bank.

All of the breeds listed here would be wonderful additions to any family.

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