Tibetan Mastiff Dog Price In India: Appearance, Behavior, Characteristics, Monthly Cost, Food, Health Problems & Issues

The Tibetan Mastiff has retained many of the characteristics that made it successful as a working dog, including the ability to herd and guard sheep from predators.

But its devoted nature and placid attitude also make it a wonderful pet. Learn all about this breed, from its physical characteristics to its personality and health to its cost in India right here!

Tibetan Mastiff Dog Price in India

Several factors affect the cost of this dog in India, including the breeder’s standing, the dog’s country of origin, and its age. The average price of a Tibetan Mastiff in India is between Rs. 55,000 and Rs. 230,000.

Tibetan Mastiff

Nonetheless, prospective dog owners should think about the dog’s temperament, health, and whether or not they have the resources to properly care for the dog in addition to the price before making a purchase.

Some conditions must be met to keep this breed as your pet. This includes a valid license issued by the Indian government is required to bring this dog into the country and keep it in home. This can also add in your cost of ownership.

You must know, it is the most expensive dog breed in India.


It is a big, soft dog. Their typical colors are brown, black, and white. Because they are trustworthy and protective around youngsters, they make wonderful family pets. A healthy Tibetan Mastiff can weigh up to 100 pounds on average. Some males can reach a height of 3 feet, while some females can reach a height of 2 feet.

Their fur continues to pile up around their neck. It makes them appear much more menacing.


Many factors, including the dog’s socialization, age, and upbringing, might influence how a Tibetan mastiff behaves. However, you can expect a dog of this breed to be a lot of fun and affectionate. Their need for adoration and affection may play a role in this. They have a high IQ and can pick up new skills rapidly.

The breed responds well to training since it genuinely wants to please its human companions, but some owners may feel that the high energy of this type necessitates more time and attention than they can give.

Because of their innate propensity for searching and hunting, they should always be walked on a leash for their own safety.


When compared to other dog breeds, Tibetan Mastiffs stand out for their distinctive variety of features. They typically exhibit the following traits:

  • Loyal: True to their word, they will always stand by their masters.
  • Independence: What free-thinkers, they aren’t always willing to do what they’re told.
  • Intelligence: These canines have a stellar reputation for intelligence and adaptability.
  • They are also strong willed, courageous, vigilant, and may live in any kind of home, from a small flat to a mansion.

Monthly cost

The price of a healthy Tibetan Mastiff may be more than that of a dog with a genetic condition or other health issue. Obedience- or behavior-trained dogs may command a higher price than their less-trained counterparts.

The vet visits can also add on to the monthly cost, hence one must have a budget of 5,000-6000 INR monthly to keep them healthy, and good.


The nutritional needs of this dog can be met by providing a meal rich in variety. Ideally, your dog should be eating a protein-rich diet of meat, fish, and vegetables, although kibble may play a role. As obesity develops more of a problem with this breed, it’s important to keep feeding amounts moderate.

Health Problems & Issues

Owners of this dog should be ready to deal with a variety of possible medical problems. They are prone to issues with their vision, joints, and skin.

They also suffer from Hip Ostium Dysplasia (HOD), a disorder in which the hip sockets do not develop normally, potentially leading to early hip degeneration.  The best thing you can do for your dog with HOD is to make sure he gets daily weight bearing activity.

They may also suffer from:

  • Entropion: Involuntary inward movement of the eyelid is the cause of this disorder. Surgery is an option for treating entropion.
  • Flatulence: This is a potentially fatal illness in which gas builds up in the stomach and the organs twist, cutting off blood supply. A vet should be consulted immediately if there is swelling.
  • Heart disease: Dilated cardiomyopathy is one form of cardiac disease that can affect Tibetan Mastiffs. Checkups at the vet on a regular basis can spot cardiac disease in its early stages.


A Tibetan Mastiff’s life expectancy is 10–14 years. However, if taken care of properly, a Tibetan mastiff can live for up to 15 years.

Even while these dogs make great pets, they aren’t the right choice for everyone. This breed is not a good choice for first-time dog owners. They require intensive training, and you should be a skilled trainer to provide them that.

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