Teacup Dog Price In India: Appearance, Behaviour, Characteristics, Monthly Cost, Food, Health Problems & Issues

You should consider buying a Teacup dog if you want a small, cute, and low-maintenance pet. This breed of dog, which is small and adorable, is called variously as Toy Cup dog, a Teacup dog, and other names.

But there are several things you ought to understand about Teacup dogs before you bring one into your home. This article covers all the bases, from the breed’s background and personality traits to its care and training.

A lot of factors, including the breeder, the region, and the availability of teacup puppies, might affect the price tag.

Teacup Dog Price in India

The price of teacup dog is not constant in India. It varies from one place to another, but one can get this pup under Rs 25,000 to Rs 90,000.

Teacup Dog


The appearance of a Teacup dog is compact and lovely. They can range in size from two to five pounds and between 6- 9 inches in height. Individuals who reside in flats or who desire a dog they can easily transport will find these to be a great option.

Depending on their breeds, they can look very different from one another. On the other hand, all these dogs share a few basic traits. Their huge, bright eyes complement their little, round faces to make them look adorable. Small and perked ears are a signature trait, as is a curled tail.


The temperament and character of a Teacup dog can be traced back to both its genetic make-up and its upbringing. Nonetheless, there are a few consistent behavioral and character features across such dogs.

They thrive on constant physical and emotional contact with their owners.


  • The cheerful and lively nature of these dogs is another hallmark of the breed.
  • They’ve got a lot of stamina for their small stature, and they thoroughly enjoy having fun with toys and activities.
  • They additionally have a mellow side and are happy to take a snooze with their owner on the couch.
  • They are known as “Velcro dogs” due to their propensity to stay close to their owners and even follow them round the house.

Monthly cost

Food, grooming, veterinary care, and training are just some of the variables that can affect how much it costs to keep a teacup dog healthy and happy. The following are some approximate prices in Indian Rupees:

Because of their rapid metabolism, these dogs need be fed several little meals every few hours. The monthly cost of premium dog food might range from INR. 2,000- Rs. 5,000.

Grooming is essential for the health of dog’s hair, skin, nails, & teeth. The cost of maintaining one’s personal appearance can range widely, depending on factors like how often you choose to do it and whether or not you use the help of a professional. The average monthly cost for grooming ranges from Rs. 2,000- Rs 5000.

Such dogs require regular medical care, including immunizations and checkups. The dog owners can anticipate paying between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 10,000 on veterinary care annually. This cost can rise or fall depending on the dog’s age and general health.


Feeding a high-fiber diet to a teacup puppy is highly recommended. Eggs, fruits, chicken, vegetables, & omega-3 fatty acids are all good things to look for in canned or dried foods. Similarly, pick a dog meal that includes Karo syrup. This substance is useful for preventing hypoglycemia in teacup puppies.

If you have questions regarding what kind of puppy food to buy, consult your vet. Depending on the breed of your puppy, they may have some recommendations.

Health Problems & Issues

While some dog breeds are more predisposed to certain diseases than others, all dogs are at risk for developing conditions like diabetes and cataracts. However, health problems are common for teacups because of their diminutive stature. Among the most frequent worries expressed by teacups are:

  • Dental issues

Cup dogs can experience dental issues such teeth decay and gum disease. This is due to the fact that those with smaller mouths tend to have more teeth crowding, making it more challenging to maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing their teeth twice a day and giving them dental chews can help keep cavities at bay.

  • Hypoglycemia

Since their metabolism is so rapid, cup dogs require frequent feedings to keep their energy levels up. They may frequently get hypoglycemia, and low blood sugar. Seizures, trembling, and extreme fatigue are all possible signs. The dog owners should give their pets multiple little meals a day and watch for hypoglycemic symptoms.

  • Collapsed Trachea

Collapsed tracheas can occur in these dogs if the rings which support the airway become too weak. This can lead to hacking coughs, wheezing, & shortness of breath.

  • Eye issues

Cataracts & corneal ulcers are two eye conditions that have been linked to certain dog breeds like tecup. These problems can be avoided or remedied with routine eye checkups and treatment.


These teacup dogs are well-known for their devoted and loving personalities and have a lifespan of 9 to 15 years.

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