Poodle Dog Price In India: Appearance, Behavior, Characteristics, Monthly Cost, Food, Health Problems & Issues

You’ve probably seen the poodle on a movie screen before if you’re a lover of Hollywood films. Not only do these dogs look amazing, but they also have a stellar reputation for intellect, making them wonderful pets for people who want something both smart and trainable. Here, you’ll learn all about poodles, from how they look to the traits they have to offer to what they eat, etc.

Poodle Dog Price in India

The price of a Poodle varies widely, from INR 40,000 to INR 70,000. But there are poodles available for as little as Rs. 30,000. A show dog’s breed usually means a higher price tag.



Poodles are a type of dog that can range in size from standard to miniature to toy. Their distinctive curly & dense coat comes in a rainbow of colors, from black and white to silver and apricot to red. This breed’s coat need frequent maintenance and clipping that can get expensive.

There are three distinct sizes of poodles. The standard poodle, which averages over 15 inches in height, stands out from the crowd. Miniature poodles are those between 10 and 15 inches in height, while toy poodles are those less than 10 inches.

Standard poodle males can reach up to 32 kilograms (70 pounds), and females can weigh 19 kilograms (40 pounds). Toys weigh just two to three kilograms, whereas miniatures can weigh up to five kilograms.

Poodle Dog


Poodles are very clever dogs that require constant interaction and are unhappy when they are ignored. They are fiercely loyal to their families and can be aggressive toward strangers and other dogs if they feel threatened. They are a joy to have around, not to mention brilliant. This also makes them simple to instruct. Due to their high IQ and need for attention, they benefit from being among others and can learn to get along with others.

These puppies are known for their intelligence and ease of training.  They need time to run around and play every day to keep their bodies and minds healthy. They are recognized for their charming personalities and funny behaviors, making them a great pet for any family.

Keep in mind that they are, first and foremost, hunting dogs. Adequate activity and training are required before they may be considered suitable as home pets.


Poodles don’t really have fur, but they do have hair, that is wavy and prone to matting unless combed regularly. The colors of their thick coats range from black & white to apricot and chocolate and various shades of red.

They generally share the appearance of being skinny and having a long, snub muzzle. Due to their lengthy legs, they are also excellent athletes and excel in high jumping. Overall, they exude an air of superiority and refinement, and their proud demeanor is often reflected in their personalities.

The coat is the crowning splendor of the poodle. Being originally aquatic breeds, they were trained to suit specific purposes, which is not the case now. Clippings are the slang term for a poodle’s shaved cut. Home poodles can get away with a shorter haircut than show dogs do. In addition, they have pompons, which are puffs on top of their head and tail.

Monthly Cost

Your poodle will cost you about INR 4,000 per year in vet bills, or INR 2,500 per month. The extent of his grooming requirements will determine this. Higher maintenance Poodles used for shows will cost you between INR 7,000 and INR 10,000.


Your veterinarian will be in the greatest position to advise you on the optimal diet for your poodle, as each breed and size of poodle needs a different nutritional plan.

Overweight poodles are not uncommon. Don’t give your dog a lot of treats because of many calories they contain. Poodles should not get overweight, as this poses health risks.

Health Problems & Issues

There are a few diseases that can affect poodles. Learn more by reading on.

  • Hip Dysplasia

In this disorder, the thigh bone of the dog does not line up correctly with the hip socket. The distress your dog expresses through behaviors like limping & lameness might help you diagnose this hereditary condition. The pain can be localized to one or both of the back limbs.

  • Eye disease

The eyes of poodles can be damaged by a number of different conditions. Poodles are prone to developing or being born with complete vision loss due to a gene called optic nerve hypoplasia. Poodles can potentially be carriers of progressive retinal atrophy, kind of depressing illness in which many diseases cause vision loss.

There is no treatment for this, and they will go blind. As much as possible, reassure them, and be there for them.

Other disease includes epilepsy, Addison disease, bloating, etc.


The average lifespan of a standard poodle is 10–14 years. The lifespan of miniatures and toys is much greater, reaching up to 18 years in some cases. Bring home this cutest dog today if you want happiness all around.

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