How To Get Death Certificate (Rules and Regulations)

As per the law, it is mandatory to register a death under the relevant administration and this comes under the Registration of Death Act of 1961. The death certificate is quite an important document for the immediate family of deceased and in most of the states, Municipal Corporation of the states are responsible for issuing the death certificate.

In this article, we have listed all the information about obtaining the death certificate from the Municipal Corporation.

Death Certificate

A Death certificate is required to provide the details of the deceased along with the cause of death, time of death, date of death and place of death. It is a certificate that is used to relieve the person from legal, social and official commitments if any. Apart from that, the death certificate also helps the legal heir in the inheritance of property and collect insurance if any.

It is important to understand who can register the death of the person and hence you can check out the next section to understand the same.

Eligible Person to Register Death of Deceased

The first thing that you need to remember is that the death should be registered within 21 days from the date of death. Below are the details of the relative who is eligible to register a death

  • In case of death in the house, the head of the house is eligible to register the death by visiting the registrar office.
  • In case of death in hospital, an authorized signatory from medical institute can register the death and provide a death certificate which can further be used to obtain a death certificate from the registrar office.
  • In case of death in a public place, the death should be certified by the police in charge of the area.
  • In case of death in jail, the jail in-charge can issue the death certificate to the family.

Documents Required to Register Death

There are certain documents required to register the death of the deceased, these documents are

  • Proof of Date of Birth
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Affidavit with Details of Time of Death and Date of Death
  • Ration Card
  • No Objection Certificate
  • The person who is registering the death is also needed to provide the proof of relationship along with the address proof.

Steps to Obtain a Death Certificate

Follow the steps listed below to obtain a death certificate from the municipal

  • You need to visit the Municipal Corporation Website of the state or union territory to start the procedure of obtaining a death certificate.
  • Once that is done, select your state or the municipal that you belong to. On this page, you will notice an option to Registration of Birth & Death. Click on the option to proceed.
  • Now, click on Registration by Empanelled Institutions from the list of options available and a form will now be displayed. You can fill in the details as listed in the form. This includes the personal details of the deceased, time of death, place of death and your relationship with the deceased.
  • Click on submit button once the details have been filled and proceed by making the payment of a fee. You can then upload the documents and the death certificate will be issued to you as per the timelines.

If in case, you need to follow the offline procedure, you can follow the steps listed below

  • You need to visit the registrar office and obtain the form to register the death.
  • Fill in the form with the required details and also attach the documents that are required to register the death.
  • Once that is done, submit the form in the office along with the fee. The officer will give you an acknowledgement along with the application ID.
  • These details can be used to track the request and in addition to this, the death certificate will be issued to you after the verification.

It takes up to 5 working days for the municipal to register and provide you with the death certificate. In case of any issue, reach out to relevant municipal office in your area.

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