Top 10 Most Developed States of India with GDP Ranking

India is one of top richest countries of world with GDP of 8.80 trillion. It is at third position in list of top richest countries. GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product that is a scale used to know about richest countries. India is a large country having 29 states and 7 union territories. When it comes to contribute in GDP of India, each state has different position.

In list of top developed states in India, they consider GDP of any state to know about it. If you want to know about top richest and developed states of India, here is complete list of top 10 states of India:

10. Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is called as heart of India and this state is in existence since 2000. With annual growth rate of more than 20 %, it is at 10th position in list of top development countries. The capital of Madhya Pradesh is Bhopal and this is largest producer of soybean in India. Madhya Pradesh has GDP of Rs 7.35 lakh crore that is 4 % of India’s total GDP.

9. Kerala

Kerala is at 9th position in this list of richest states with GDP of 7.48 Lakh Crore. The economy of this state depends on various factors like agriculture, fishery and emigrants to other countries. This is one of most educated and developed states of India. You will find rich culture and beautiful scrivener in this state. Tourist attraction is also a major source of economy of this state.

8. Telangana

Telangana is one of leading industrial hubs of India and 8th richest state of India. Agriculture is main part of economy of Telangana and you will find various vegetable oils as main part of agriculture. In this state, you will find industries of autos, pharmaceuticals and textiles. With 68 economic and over 250 industrial zones, Andhra Pradesh is at 8th position in this list. GDP of this state is Rs 7.50 lakh crore.

7. Rajasthan

Rajasthan is called as royal state of India and you will find various tourist places like jaipur, Pushkar, ajmer and many more. This is largest state of India having largest area. Most of area is in form of dessert in Rajasthan. This state is largest producer of cement in India and produce large amount of edible oils. This state is at 7th number in this list with GDP of Rs 7.67 lakh crore.

6. West Bengal

West Bengal is one of largest agriculture hubs of India and is at 6th position in list of top developed states of India. This state is growing with a rate of over 17 % annually and is hub of various industries like steel, jute, chemicals, and fertilizers. West Bengal has an important part in GDP of India with GDP of RS 9.20 lakh crore.

5. Gujarat

Gujarat is 5th most developed state of India and it is one of largest industrial hubs of India. Gujarat is well known state where people keep their main focus on businesses. In this state some of largest industries are located like Jamnagar Oil refinery. It is world’s largest oil refinery industry that is owned by Reliance Ltd. This state has over 7 % of India’s total GDP. GDP of this state is Rs 10.94 lakh crore. .

4. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is at 4th position in list of top developed states in India. This state is largest sugar producer in India and produces more than 70 % of total sugar. In this state, Noida is one of largest It hubs of India. This state has 7 % of total GDP of India with GDP of Rs 12.37 lakh crore. Utter Pradesh is growing faster in agriculture and industrial sectors of India.

3. Karnataka

Karnataka is called as one of culture rich states in India and it is 7th largest state by area in India. In this state of India, you will find most of MNP industries like Wipro, Infosys and IBM. Karnataka is also known for agriculture growth. This state is at 3rd position with GDP of Rs 12.80 lakh crore.

2. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is 2nd richest and most developed state of India. This state is one of major industrial and agricultural hubs of India. Tamil Nadu is a major producer of rice and turmeric in India. Now coming to industrial hubs of Tamil Nadu, you will find various major industries like BMW, Cisco, Infosys and Hyundai. Chennai is capital of this state and a major industrial hub of India. Tamil Nadu has GDp of Rs 13.39 lakh crore and contributing in growth of India.

1. Maharashtra

Maharashtra is richest state of India with GDP of Rs 25.35 lakh crore. This state has 14 % of total GDP of India and has growing rate of over 13 % per year. This is one of major industrial and agricultural hubs of India. Mumbai is capital of this state that is home of most of celebrities of India. This is called as city of dreams and this state is offering various job opportunities to people in sectors like automobile, pharmaceuticals, food processing and film industry.

So this is list of top 10 most developed and richest states of India. in various  sectors like education, agriculture, industrial and commercial, these states are growing faster. These developed states have major contribution in total GDP of this country.

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