Cloth Pads Vs. Sanitary Napkins: Comparison

You have ample options to deal with your menstrual cycle. It depends on which one you would choose. Most women prefer and feel comfortable using sanitary pads, while others try to use cloth pads. The whole thing depends on which product gives you comfort and relaxation. Many women face heavy flow during their menstrual cycle, while others experience low to moderate flow. If you have heavy flow, you need to take extra protection and care. Instead you must prefer to use the best pads to control the heavy flow of the fluids.

What are Cloth Pads?

Cloth Sanitary Pads In India

Cloth pads are those pads that are made of pure cotton fabrics. Another best part of the cloth pads is that you can use them for an extended period. You can reuse it with proper wash and cleaning. You can wash it with mild detergent after the period is over. It is okay if you can soak the pad in cool water for a moment and wash it with soap. Once it is done, you have to put the pad under the sun so that it dries. If a cloth pad is well-maintained, you can use it for several years. Through this process, you can save the earth.

As cotton pads are made of soft clothes or fabrics, they will never cause irritation or itching. This is mostly found in sanitary napkins. The cotton pads are breathable and can give you maximum comfort during tough days. Apart from all this, you can customize the cotton pads as per your size and shape. It is hardly possible in any sort of sanitary pads. You can get more options in a cotton cloth pad. They are available in almost every drugstore. It is one of the biggest advantages of using a cloth pad.

What are Sanitary Pads?

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads are those pads that are made of various materials. Sometimes these materials include chemicals and other harsh products. They may prove to be dangerous for your health. However, many people love to use it because of the low price of the product. They are disposable. You need to change it after every three to four hours. This may ultimately cause environmental pollution. This is harming our nature to a good extent.

You must know very well those sanitary pads are whitened with the use of chlorine bleach. They are harsh chemicals that may cause harm to your intimate parts. The skin around the vagina is sensitive. If you use sanitary pads for an extended period, it can harm you. The pads are available in a packet. One packet contains a good amount of pads. This enables the user to use it conveniently.


Which is better now?

Now you must be clear about which one to use during your menstrual days. Reports have shown that a good percentage of people prefer to use cloth pads. They are good and better than the other ones. These pads can be reused after proper washing and cleaning. The cloth pads absorb the fluids. However, you need to have a proper knowledge of washing a cloth pad.

Once the period is over, you need to wash the pad correctly. It would help if you separated the pad from the sleeves before washing them. Now it is okay if you soak the pad in mild soap water for some time. Please put it in cool water. Now bring it out of the water and wash it underwater. Try to clean it properly so that no soap or foam is left inside the pad. Put it under the sun so that it gets adequately dried for the subsequent use.

Reusable pads are the exact way to keep the environment free from pollution. The cotton pads are made of high-quality fabrics like hemp, bamboo, and other materials. The outer layer of the pad is made waterproof. This water –proof material will protect you from the leakage of vaginal bleeding.  These pads are always skin-friendly. It will never cause any rashes or infections on the skin. It is essential to use breathable products so that you can stay free and relaxed. You can also customize the cotton cloths in terms of thickness and flow.

These pads never cause any type of Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS. It is a condition that is caused by wearing tampons for an extended period. This may allow the bacteria to enter into the bloodstream that may ultimately cause the death of the user. Considering all this, you must always prefer to use a better-quality pad. The cotton cloths are safe and secured for the women. It is found in many colors and shapes.

If you have not yet started to use the cotton pads, try it for once. You will get an outstanding experience.

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