Top 5 Best Generator Brands In India For Home Office Use

Are you searching for the best electric generator for your home or office at a very reasonable price?Then, don’t worry! We have a solution for you. A topmost generator is one the essential thing in a nation like India where there are lots of risks of the unexpected electricity letdown. If you have a generator at your place ten you can continue your work without any interruption. The products of the Generator are accessible in 3 foremost categories i.e. for medium size businesses,residents and small Businesses, as well as large businesses purpose centered.

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How to buy the Best Generator in India?

Knowing the buying guide will help you choose the right product for your home & office. The key factors are kept in mind when it comes to the generator. These include adequate size, fuel source, usage, storage capacity, cost, etc. Let’s discuss briefly:

  • Size

Check how many watts each appliance in your office or home needs to run to pick the right generator size. The small-sized generator can generate up to 4000 watts of power and is compact enough to take along for camping trips and trekking. Also, they are able to supply power for some vital appliances at a time, like refrigerators and lights. 

A midsize generator, on the other side, can generate 5000 to 8500 Watts of power. It can power everything it can along with a portable heater, window AC, and gas furnaces like a small size appliance.

Large-sized generators are also available that can generate up to 10,000 Watts of electricity. Through this appliance, you are free to use AC along with other numerous appliances. Even extra larger generators that produce power of up to 15,000 Watts are enough for the whole electric heating system.

  • Fuel Source

To buy the best generators for both home & office use, you should also consider the right type of fuel source.

  • Petrol

Most of the people use petrol for the generator as it can be available at the nearest petrol pump. But, it can wear out over time if not a fuel stabilizer is added to it. The cost is also a deciding aspect, and the fumes are very smelly. Since the rates of petrol keep increasing, so using it for the generator can become a burden on your pocket.

  • Natural Gas

Natural Gas is easily available at home and is more convenient. It is also more affordable than any other type of fuel. You don’t have to worry about refuelling or keeping a stock of fuel when the engine stops suddenly. At the same time, it can be harmful when not connected carefully and is also not an ideal option for transportable generators.

  • Propane

Propane is environment-friendly as compared to other fuel sources. It generates no bad odour and less CO2. At the same time, it requires a high pressure inside the generators and is not available all the time. If you use propane to start generators in extremely cold weather, it can take time to start up.

  • Power required

One of the best generators for home use is standby generators because they can produce more electricity than movable ones. They produce between 5000 to 2,000 Watts of power, which is enough to operate all appliances of the home. But, movable generators, by dissimilarity can only generate 3000 to 8000 Watts of electricity, which is enough to use lights, fridges, fans and Window AC.

  • Storage

Portable generators don’t take a specific space in your office or home. Also, they are ready to use everywhere while stable models require a sufficient amount of space. Depending on home or home space, you can choose one that suits your need.

There are numerous brands of the companies that provide generator for home or office use in India that is not famous in our country but also all over the world.

The following is the list of top 5 best generators for home or office use in India:

5. Birla Power Generator

Birla Power Generator

Thus company provides the home generators in extensive variety for numerous purposes. The variety consists of Portable Silent PETROL /LPG (Optional) Gensets, Portable Silent DIESEL Gensets, Portable Silent Multifuel Gensets, etc.

The following are the foremost models of Birla Power Generator:

  • Birla Power Ecogen EG 3000A 2.5 KVA Generator
  • Birla Power EG 1400A 1.3 KVA Generator
  • Birla Power EG 2200A 1.7 KVA Generator
  • Birla Power BEN 6000 A 3.7 KVA Generator

4. Mitsubishi Generator

Mitsubishi Generator

Mitsubishi is renowned for its finest quality goods for over and above hundred years. The generator of this company originates with limited two-year warranty period either for commercial or rental purposes. The variety of the goods in the generator subdivision comprises of Premium,Economy, and Welder.

All the generators of the Mitsubishi are manufactured in such a way that it can run 24/7 along with the best performance. The essential features of these generators are OHV engine, reliable full frame, superiority automatic idle switch,permanent low oil device,automatic voltage controller, and a big fuel reservoir.

The following are the few models of the Mitsubishi Generator:

  • Mitsubishi MGE1801 2.25 KVA Generator
  • Mitsubishi MGE2901 3.625 KVA Generator
  • Mitsubishi MGE1300T 1.625 KVA Generator
  • Mitsubishi MGA2901 3 KVA Generator
  • Mitsubishi MGC1101 1.375 KVA Generator
  • Mitsubishi MGA1801 2.25 KVA Generator

3. Bajaj Generator

Bajaj Generator

The generators from the famous Bajaj Company are the best answers to all your electricity failure issues in India. The price of the BAJAJ powerhouse LPG generators is also quite low as compared to the similar other models of the different brand.The essential features of the Bajaj generators are ultra-compact design,Recoil Start, lightweight and lowest running expenses.

The following are the few important models of the Bajaj Generator:

  • Bajaj Powerhouse BG2500 LPG generator
  • Bajaj Powerhouse BG1000 LPG generator
  • Bajaj Powerhouse BGA2500 LPG
  • Bajaj Powerhouse BGA2800 Silent LPG
  • Bajaj Powerhouse BGA3000 P Silent Petrol
  • Bajaj Powerhouse BGA2500 LPG
  • Bajaj Powerhouse BGA3000 Silent LPG

2. Yamaha Generator

Yamaha Generator

The next name in the list is of Yamaha generators which are top quality products. This company also offers the popular portable generators. It means that you can use it outdoor or in door either for the commercial or non-commercial purposes. These generators possess the lengthiest production engine durability as well as it is a light weight product.

Yamaha Generator comprises ofthe Sound Block -Yamaha’s acoustically contrived sound lessening system as well as Smart Regulator, which is a load detecting rpm switch.

There is an auto warm-up feature in its products along with the Yamaha’s oil look out warning system. The best feature so the Yamaha generators are 12-volt batteries, 12 Volt DC output, large size fuel fill access,high-class dual coil alternator stator, as well as warranty period of3 years. The maximum number of the Yamaha models has gas fuel option and the backup generators style.

The following are the top models of the Yamaha generator:

  • Yamaha EF4000DE 5 KVA Generator
  • Yamaha EF2600 3.25 KVA Generator
  • Yamaha EF6600DE 8.24 KVA Generator
  • Yamaha EF12000DE 15 KVA Generator

1. Honda Generator

Honda Generator

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The top name in the list is of Honda generators. The famous Honda Company provides a good variety of the best generator at the reasonable price in India. The maximum number of its models belongs to the portable category. It is your choice that whether you want to buy a fuel type of Kerosene, Petrol,LPG etc.

The company also offers the variety of home generators whose range begins with the capability of 2000 watts, 120V. These generator sare perfect for the satellite, TV/DVD, fridge, coffee pot, etc. Honda Generators are noiseless and stress-free to transport as it weighs less than 47 lbs. The main benefit of it is fuel efficiency which it offers.

The following are the top models of the Honda generator:

  • Honda Handy Series EK 400 0.35 KVA Generator
  • Honda Handy Series EM 650 0.45 KVA Generator
  • Honda EXK 2800s 2.1 KVA Generator
  • Honda Handy Series EBK 1000 0.65 KVA Generator
  • Honda EXK 2000s 1.4 KVA Generator
  • Honda EXK 2800 2.1 KVA Generator





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