Can you beat the house? These casino games offer you the best mathematical chance

Of all the many, many clichés that surround the world of casino gaming, the house always wins is probably the most famous. It’s a truth we all inherently understand. Of course a casino has to take in more money than it pays out – it’s a business, after all, and has to pay salaries and overheads, as well as hitting its profit targets. If none of that happened, it would soon go out of business.  

Every game you play has a house edge – this is the difference between the true odds of you winning and the actual pay out. In roulette, for example, you are offered even money on black or white, but the odds of a win are actually 18/37 due to the zero, or 18/38 on a double zero table. That equates to a house edge of 2.6 percent and 5.3 percent – it means for every dollar wagered on a double zero table, an average of 94.7 cents will be paid out in winnings. 

Reducing the edge 

Today, there are dozens of different casino games to play, and if you use a web-based platform like Comeon online casino, there are hundreds. If you’re serious about trying to beat the house, you need to reduce that edge. In roulette, there’s nothing you can do, it’s all down to chance but that’s not the case with some games. 


This dice-rolling game is huge in Macau, and its popularity is spreading rapidly. At first glance, it looks highly complicated with all the different areas of the table. However, this is a game where the KISS principle applies. Ignore the convoluted side bets, just stick to the line bet and the house edge is zero, meaning you and the house are on level terms. 


Blackjack is the most popular casino game of them all, and with good reason. The rules are straightforward, so anyone can learn to play, but there is scope to really perfect your strategy. Play using basic strategy, which means making the right calls on hitting, standing, splitting or doubling down, and you reduce the house edge to about one percent. However, you can study deeper theories, such as compositional dependent strategy and basic card counting and when you implement them correctly, that house edge dwindles to almost nothing. 

Video poker 


Jacks or Better is a perfect place to start for those wanting to learn poker basics. But once you’ve mastered that, there are other video poker games that give you a genuine chance of pulling a crafty one on the house. Deuces Wild has a potential house edge of -0.7 percent if you opt for full pay mode and adopt a perfect strategy.   


Each slot game has the house edge (or RTP, which is just the reverse of it, so three percent house edge means 97 percent RTP) programmed into it. Here, you just need to search online to find which games have the best numbers. Years ago, the average slot RTP was in the low 90s.Today, there are games like Playtech’s Ugga Bugga with RTP in excess of 99 percent.