10 Surprising Facts Of People Born In August

In the present day, both in Julian and Gregorian calendar, the eighth month in the twelve months  of the year is August. It was originally called Sex til is, a Latin word.  The name comes from the fact that, it was the sixth month in the original Roman Calendar. People born in this month are straightforward from inside and gorgeous from outside. They are normally intellectuals, stunning, and they normally attract others due the power they exhibit. There are some other facts about the characteristic of people born in this August month that will surprise you.

Here are the 10 surprising facts about people born in August


10. They Are Very Private

People who are born in August will definitely feel uneasy when you stare at them. This is because they are very private. They need time alone as it gives them peace of mind where they deal with their emotions in their own cocoon. August babies are very social and can interact with everyone, but trust a few. Whether professional or professional, all they need is space to be alone.When they happen to make a mistake, they get very nervous,  especially,  in front of a crowd.That is why they don’t  like social gatherings as it makes them tense.

9. Big Time Crazy Mood

They are normally quite when they are on their low and very excited when they are on their high. Every little bit of thing bothers them, but they might just remain suffering in silence without saying a word. Read their face as it expresses what is hidden deep down their hearts.

8. Not Everyone’s Friend

They are not everyone’s friend and they will never sugar coat anything as pretend that they are in for you when are not. The August babies choose not to be everyone’s friend as they are picky and will only choose those people they think are worth their time. But if they happen to love you, they will do it without reservation.

7. They Seek Perfection in Everything

Even when a toilet roll is placed wrongly, they will be disturbed. A spill of just a little water on the dining table can make them worked up. Things not kept in the correct way will just bother them. Cleanliness can make you fight with your August born.

6. They Have Difficult in Showing Their Pain

They will whine about little pains that feel like nothing, but when they are in extreme pain, whether mental or emotional, they will never say a word.

5. They Are Right No Matter What

August babies know that they are always right, and for the record, they are normally at least 90% right. When they start an argument, they won’t give in so you will just be forced to give up and accept their way of reasoning. It is a trait which is not good for a life relationship of a spouse.  And if you decide to take them as a life partner, then you should be ready to accommodate each other.

4. They Express Themselves Better In Writing

They don’t know how to express themselves verbally. And that is why they like giving expression as an affirmation of what they are being asked.Due to this nature, some people may mistake them to be rude. They don’t have to be blamed as that is their style of communicating. If you relate to an August baby, then you are supposed to be in a  position to know how to go about their communication style. Otherwise, you will be frustrated.

3. They Are Stinchy on Their Money and Also Don’t Like Borrowing Money

August babies are managers and because of that, they are in a position to organize themselves well when it comes to money issues and avoiding getting into a point where they have to ask  someone to lend them money. They are always self reliant financially.

2. They Forget Things and People Which Do Not Interest Them

Though they have a good memory, if something doesn’t interest them, they will switch off and not get a word of it at all. So if you want to interest them, make sure you don’t bore  them. Present things to them in an interesting way so that it interests them.

1. They Are Very Easiy Angered

At times, they can really be hot tempered, especially when they are dealing with stupid people. Also, they tend to imagine that all the things then know should be obvious to everyone and they don’t understand why you keep asking them to explain or for answers. But the truth is, not everyone is as smart as the August people are and that is the fact they fail to accept.  In case you come across one, a friend to one or you are a family, the advice is to let them calm down and deal with the world the way it deals with them. The reality of life is, there is no single person who is a Mr. or Mrs. Know it all.

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