10 Most Common Superstitions We Follow in India

India is a very cultural and religious place, and people here follow everything blindly. It is also a hub of following superstitions. A lot of Indians follow the superstitious belief every day in their life. What exactly are these beliefs, ever wondered? Who exactly created them? No one really knows, but it has been followed since ages and people still continue to follow it no matter what. Even the younger generation believes in all these things. But truth be told, if something bad is going to happen, it will happen. No matter if you ate sweet curd in the morning or not before leaving the house for your job. It will still happen. It is sometimes okay to believe in things like this, but believing them blindly is not right. Every thing has a reason in this world; if you have a reason then follow it, if you do not have one, then question it to get an answer. There are thousands of superstitious believes that we Indians follow, but there are very few, which are very common and is followed in almost every household.

Here is a list of Top Ten Most Common Superstitions we follow in India

10. Looking at the Broken Mirror Brings bad luck

Looking at the Broken Mirror

It is believed that if a person looks into a broken mirror then it will just bring bad luck to you. So if you have a broken mirror at home, its time to replace it with new one. Though, there is no particular reasoning behind it, but people have believed in it since ages.

9. Never go near a Peepal Tree at night

Peepal Tree at night

Yes, the peepal trees are believed to be the sojourn of ghosts at night, and therefore one must just avoid going to a peepal tree at night. It is superstition obviously, but you cannot change peoples’ believes, not when it has been followed since years. Even the Banyan Tree for that matter is a sojourn for the ghosts.

8. Sweeping the floor in the evening

It is believed that sweeping the floor in the evening brings bad luck, hence one should never sweep the floor in the evening. It started in old age, when the old people asked the younger ones to not sweep was because there was no proper electricity at that time, and if there is any valuable item on the ground, they might end up sweeping it and throwing it away.

7. Avoiding doing any work in Group of three

It is believed that people working in a group of three always end up spoiling the work, hence three people in a team is just unlucky, though there is no reason for it, but it is just a superstition.

6. Keeping a sharp Object like knife or scissor under the bed

It is one of the most common superstitious beliefs and is followed even till today. It is said that id you keep a sharp object under the bed, and then it will prevent you from bad dreams and negative thoughts.

5. Sneezing, before leaving the house

If someone sneezes just before you step out of the house, then it is considered very unlucky. There is no particular logic behind it, but it is followed and believed blindly.

4. When a black cat crosses your way

black cat crosses your way

It is one of the most common beliefs, that if a bad cat crosses your path then you must avoid taking the path, as it brings bad luck.

3. Using One Rupee coin

If you give money as a gift to anyone, then adding one Rupee coin is essential, as it is considered very auspicious.

2. Women are not allowed to enter the kitchen during menstruating

It is nothing, but a taboo, and women during their periods are not allowed inside the kitchen, as they are unclean and dirty. This is one of the most common superstitious beliefs and is still followed blindly.

1. Hanging Lemon and Chilly at the Entrance

Hanging Lemon and Chilly

Hanging Lemon and Chilly just outside your house or residence is considered good, as they prevent anything bad coming your way. It is one of the most common beliefs and you will see that people still follow it blindly and every building or workplace will have this hanged just outside their main-gate.

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