Top 9 Best Probiotic Drinks In India For Better Health

When we hear the word bacteria, the one thing that comes up in our mind is that it is harmful for our body. However, there are certain types of bacteria that are good for our body and are scientifically proved as well. Few of them are sold in the market these days and people are using them to avoid any health related problems. Many companies are coming in the market, which is manufacturing probiotic drinks, which are absolutely safe and good for the health.  Many reputed organizations along with World Health Organization have also proved that the probiotic drinks are good for health. In the competition of keeping your health fine, most of the people are taking these drinks these days as they offer good health to them.

Let us understand few more points on the probiotic drinks as which one are good for people:

9. Doc’s Friendly Flora

Docs Friendly Flora

There are many health benefits if you are suing this probiotic drink. You will be able to get weight loss, detoxification and offers a better well-being. There are many phototropic and probiotec elements are contained into it because of which several doctors also recommend it for everyday drinking.

8. Cocobiotic


This health and probiotic drink is made up of young coconut and it is also gluten free. Coming under the name of Body Ecology, this health drink is naturally fomented and then is prepared. If you are doing regular exercise or also into some bad health conditions, then you may try this health drink as it offers liver cleansing, it also improves your digestion, increases your energy, lower sugar cravings. It is advised to people to consume this drink along with your meal for better results.

7. PHD 2 Go

PHD 2 Go

If you are trying to have a proper nutritious and very balanced energy drink, then this probiotic drink will surely help you in getting what you are looking for. This contains a taste of berry and citrus flavours in a balanced way and is also offering many health benefits such as tighten your immunity, better digestive system, improved health quality. This is easily available n the grocery stores or any food store. They are available in bottles or sachets.

6. Kyo Dophilus Powder

Kyo Dophilus Powder

 This probiotic drink comes under the brand name of Kyolic and is important to get the medical supervision before taking it so it is advisable for every health group. There are many benefits of this drink as it controls digestive system, improves your immunity, and well-being. There are many preservatives like sugar, sodium, gluten, milk and artificial flavours, which are added into it. It can be taken with your food or drink easily.

5. Free Probiotic Enhancer

Free Probiotic Enhancer

The probiotic drink is coming under the brand Pre and is largest sold in the market too. It comes in different types of flavours and is also suitable for all the age group. This drink is very much familiar in protecting and offering good health to the digestive system as it makes a balance into it and offers beneficial bacteria, which are present in the digestive system. You can buy it either online or through market.

4. Dan Active


Dannone is manufacturing this probiotic drink and is very popular in USA. This drink is available in the market and is available in bottles in every grocery store in many flavours.

3. Beyond Berry

Beyond Berry

This probiotic drink comes in the form of powder and is easily available in the market. It also contains the organic beerry and despite of being less in antioxidants, it offers good health and proper balance to the body. Most of the people who are hitting gym are drinking it regularly. Available in the market easily, this drink is also available on many ecommerce portals too.

2. Good Belly

Good Belly

 If you truly love the taste of fruit then Good Belly is a good choice for you. It removes all problems related to your stomach, which caused due to food sensitivities. This fruit drink is available under many fruits

1. Yakult


Top rated drink as it always improves immunity and intestinal function, Yakult is very popular and holds a better name than any other drink in probiotic section in the market. It contains around 6.5 billion beneficial bacteria in it.