10 Interesting Facts About Dalhousie

Most of us live such a hardcore mechanical life today that we often feel like we have forgotten to breathe for a few seconds. We keep running behind something or the other. Rather, we are forced by circumstances and people to keep running. At one point of time or the other, we stop totally, seeking some relaxation. Travelling away from our base location is the best way to get rid of all our tensions. Particularly, if the location is a mountain range that is high above the sea level, it is the best place for complete relaxation. Dalhousie is one such location that offers peace of mind and absolute serenity.

Let us have a look at some interesting facts about Dalhousie.

#1. Dalhousie is a Hill Station in the Chamba District in Himachal Pradesh. Its elevation is 2700 meters and lies 7000 feet above the sea level. Dalhousie basically is a small sized town which was formed in the year 1854 and got its name after the Governor General Lord Dalhousie when the British ruled India.


#2. Dalhousie lies sandwiched between Bhangora, Terah, Kathalagh, Bakrota and Potreyn, the five hill stations found in the Western end of Dhauladar Mountains. Dhauladar Mountain is an extension the great Himalayas.

#3. Being the gateway to the Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is considered as the rich repository of Hindu Temples, Handicrafts, Arts and Culture. Chamba being the center of the preserved culture, approximately 84 Hindu temples that belong to the 7th century A.D is found in all their richness in this region. Gujjar and Gaddi tribe people have this region for their residence for many centuries.

#4. The Mount View Hotel found here was built in the year 1870. Today there are many hotels that serve tourists in the perfect manner offering them every comfort that a tourist would aspire for. Tourism today is one of biggest revenue earner for the small town. Tourism has flourished to such an extent in Dalhousie mainly due to the comfort of stay it offers. Apart from regular hotels for stay, Dalhousie offers independent Bungalows and Villas for the tourists to stay. Many snow covered peaks surround Dalhousie making it a pleasant place for stay. Today, Dalhousie houses approximately 600 hotels providing job opportunities to more than 8000+ local people. Its strategic location makes it well connected through Air, Road and Rail.

#5. Dalhousie today, is considered as a perfect place for people to visit and get rid of all their tensions. Some of the destinations that offer unique experiences with the picturesque sceneries are Alla the potato field, Karelanu, the natural spring, Dainkund Peak, Khajjiar, Lohali Village, Bakrota Hills, Panchpula Kalatop Forest and Salooni among the many others. These are not just tourist attraction that paves way for commercial development of the town, but offer breathtaking sceneries that cannot be witnessed in any other part of the world.

#6. Many prominent people like Rabindranath Tagore and Rudyard Kipling among the many other have loved Dalhousie for the serene environment it offers and the peace of mind they were able to experience during their stay here. History provides facts about the great Subash Chandra Bose, who was healed of Tuberculosis drinking the water of Karelanu spring regularly. The other prominent people who loved to visit Dalhousie are Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Dalai Lama.

#7. Dalhousie has played a significant role in the history of more than one country. When China took over Tibet during the year 1959, Dalhousie acted as the house for thousands of Tibetian refugees. Initially Dalhousie was a town that belonged to the state of Punjab. It became a part of Himachal during the year 1966 when the state of Punjab was formed.

#8. The ethnicity of people in Dalhousie is Hinduism which forms more than 50% of the population, Sikhism which is the second largest religion in the town, Christianity whose population is around 17% and Muhammadians who form a minor percentage of the population. Based on the ethnicity, the major languages spoken in this small town are Pahari, Hindi, Punjabi and English

#9. One amazing fact about Dalhousie is its area. Dalhousie which is a major tourist attraction and has many historical references to its name, is just a 14 kilometer stretch of land totally. Though the town is small housing hundreds of places for tourist accommodation, the pleasure it offers to its visitors is boundless. The location of Dalhousie is such a strategic one that it acts as the central point to reach all imports, tourist attractions and regular areas like markets within a few minutes of travel by road.

#10. Winter and summer are the two major seasons experienced by people living in Dalhousie. The temperature experienced by people during the winter season is as low as 10 degrees Celsius to 1 degree Celsius. This cooler temperature acts as one of the main tourist attractions helping the tourists relax in a unique exciting manner. During the summer season the heat goes to a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius, still maintaining the climate a pleasant one. Dalhousie experiences rains between December and February which increases pleasantness of the region