10 Best Panty Liners in India 2022 – Expert Analysis, Guide & Tips

It becomes necessary for a woman to take care of herself when there are hormonal changes in her body. Take the example of Indian Women, they have to do many difficult tasks with these hormonal changes, whether it is household work, taking care of children or going to the job.

As the age increases, women have to face leakage, vaginal infections, allergies and period allergies. It is becoming a routine for most of the Indian women where they have to look comfortable and strong between their regular issues. This will happen only when the intimate area is clean and dry. Every Indian woman can maintain more hygiene and cleanliness once she starts wearing menstrual cups along with panty liners.

The panty liners are specially designed to absorb regular vaginal leakage/ discharge, light spotting, unexpected light period flow, staining at the end and start of periods and post-intercourse discharge. It is a natural process that is found in every woman throughout the menstrual cycle. The main purpose of panty liners is to prevent leakages and helps for keeping the vaginal area clean and dry.

Are Panty Liners Necessary?

Panty liners have been on the market for quite some time. Many people question that are panty liners necessary? Here is your answer:

  • Panty liners are necessary as they help keep wetness at bay below.
  • It keeps your private parts free of moisture and allows you to remain fresh and comfortable all day long, without any inconvenience.
  • The breathable lining helps to guarantee that your vagina could properly breathe.
  • To protect against regular vaginal discharge and perspiration, panty liners are made to be waterproof.
  • If you tend to sweat excessively after an exercise, panty liners can help you avoid that uncomfortable moisture between your legs.
  • Similarly, it can aid in the absorption of extra vaginal discharge that occurs during ovulation.
  • You may have neglected to keep track of your period, but utilizing panty liners will not only prevent leaks but save you from the embarrassment of staining your clothes.

All these reasons prove that panty liners can be of the best help for you.

Panty Liners in india

A panty liner is an effective product, usually made from 100% natural cotton. It can be used with sanitary pads, menstrual cups and tampons for extra protection during periods and non-periods days. Tons of options are available in Indian markets while you are seeking the perfect one. However, choosing the right one might be difficult. It comes in different sizes, shapes, thin and wide fabric. Some panty liners are eco-friendly and have a sticky adhesive.

Best Buy Panty Liners Online In India

If you are not sure how to buy panty liners then check the below-mentioned list. We bring a complete list of different panty liners that you should check while buying. Let us discuss them:

1. Bella Herbs Panty Liners

Bella Herbs Panty Liners

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In this list, the first product is Bella herbs Pantyliners, extremely comfortable and safe for women’s vaginal area. It is specially designed for regular use, but also in case of first and last days of the period, stains between periods, during pregnancy and also in case of discharges. This pantyliner features a magic gel that offers a high level of absorption. You can wear it while cycling, walking and sleeping. It will help in maintaining dryness all day.

The Bella Herbs Pantyliners are an ideal option for all Indian women who feel discomfort during times in the menstrual cycle. Its small size and thin structure make it more effective. It keeps you feeling dry and fresh throughout. However, using this 2 mm panty liner absorbs well and stays invisible. Besides this, it has a mix-form shape that can fit any type of panties.

Further, it offers better breathability benefits which are good for the skin. It ensures quick absorption, which means you need not feel embarrassed and uncomfortable in front of anyone. Hence, it keeps the skin soft and rash free. The best thing about this Bella, it is popularly known for its therapeutic properties. Despite it has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect which ensures hygiene and softness.


  • The Bella quality is high-quality and is cost-effective.
  • It is very thin and best for regular use.


  • It doesn’t come with individual packing.

 2. Carefree Super Dry Panty Liners

Carefree Super Dry Panty Liners

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Carefree is a well-known brand that ensures good quality at less cost. The carefree super dry panty liners are thoughtfully designed to provide itchiness free comfort. Women can use this panty liner on light bleeding or spotting days. It can help prevent lots of discomforts, especially in hot weather. The product serves its purposes well enough and is far better than cheap products.

This thick and absorbing panty liner can absorb the discharge and leakages. One of the major benefits of using Carefree is that it has no added fragrance. So that means, there is no chance of shaving rash and irritation. This pantyliner has a softcover and is specially designed for providing dryness and comfort during difficult days of mensuration.

This perfectly fit panty liner soaks wetness in a few seconds. The best thing about Carefree is that it is tested by dermatologists against irritation and allergy. With all these qualities plus all factors, it ensures maximum daily freshness. Carefree super dry panty liners are one of them that are packed individually and maintain proper hygiene. It might be smaller but it could work a little long compared to other products.


  • Sticks well to the garment.
  • This brand is comparatively cheaper than all other panty liners


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 3. everteen®  Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners

everteen®  Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners

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The everteen has popularly known for its cotton soft touch. Because it is made with natural cotton that provides your vaginal area with a soothing feel and makes them soft for the entire day. Everteen Natural Cotton Daily panty liners offered several benefits like, absorb wetness and ensure breathability, freshness and dryness.

These perfectly designed panty liners ensure regular intimate hygiene and make you feel comfortable whether you are at home or going outside for work. It also eliminates unwholesome odour caused due to urine leakages, vaginal discharge and periods. This hygiene based product manages unpleasant and bad odours.

Having overseen panty liners for daily use might be a great solution for all Indian working women who are afraid of unwanted periods and leakages. More than this, it is suitable for every type of skin because of its breathable layers. They can keep the intimate area dry and refreshed for the whole day. So you can walk with confidence every day. Overall it is best in the terms of quality, cost and purpose.


  • It has a 100% natural cotton surface for a soft feel and instant dryness.
  • These pantyliners have breathable layers to keep the moisture away, keeping you dry all the time.


  • It is a little bit costly compared to other products.

 4. Sirona Dry-Comfort Panty Liners

Sirona Dry-Comfort Panty Liners

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Sirona Dry-Comfort panty liners are another good choice for women who are feeling uncomfortable during the last days of periods or urine leakages. This panty liner is lighter than pads yet absorbent. It helps you stay fresh and comfortable by providing eight hours of protection from unwanted wet feelings due to urine leaking or discharge. It gives additional protection if you are using a menstrual cup for the first time.

This ultra-high-quality panty liner gives you protection when you suffer from leakages and even on the last days of periods. Most of the women face problems while travelling along with dampness. But with the use of this product, you can travel with ease and feel fresh longer. It comes with an ultra-thin structure, which makes it super comfortable to wear. Once you wear it, you feel confident and forget about period spotting.

The best quality of Sirona Pantyliners is made using natural fibres with a cotton touch, which are safe and soft on intimate skin. Further, it locks in moisture and saves you from wetness and itchiness. The product is committed to solving menstrual hygiene issues for women and intimate issues.


  • It gives 8 hours of protection.
  • It is ultra-thin which makes it easy to carry around.


  • This panty liner is costlier than other liners available in the market.

5. Sofy Daily Fresh Panty Liner

Sofy Daily Fresh Panty Liner

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Sofy is one of the most trusted and reputed brands that offers a wide range of products for women. This pantyliner helps out during the beginning or ending spotting days of the period. Even during non-period days, it helps in that time when women have vaginal discharge. Among all panty liners products, Sofy has a premium quality which ensures hygienic and dryness during period’s days or non-period days.

It is an ideal option for every age of women, who worry about unwanted periods and urine leakages. It makes sure that you feel clean, comfortable and confident during all those days. Having Soft Daily fresh panty liner for daily use, travelling or for office is a phenomenal choice. Infect with the use of Sofy, you need to worry about getting periods of stains and the smell of leakages.

Instead of using those large pads for discharge purposes or when in doubt of having a period or have low flow on the last few days of periods, Sofy daily fresh panty liner is a perfect choice. You can fix it easily with your panty fabric without the need to worry about a slip. It also may not cause rash and is made especially for all types of skin. Overall, it is a perfect combination of quality and comfort.


  • The soft panty liner has good absorbency and has a mild fragrance.
  • It has good quality and with separately covered napkins, which ensure hygiene.
  • Sofy Pantyliners are very affordable.


  • It should be checked how to use it before buying.

6. Sanfe organic Panty Liners for Women

Sanfe organic Panty Liners for Women

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In this list, the next product is Sanfe Organic Pantyliners, which are extremely good for all types of skin. These liners are made with certified organic materials that ensure to protect your intimate area from soaking any fragrance, dyes and chemicals. It makes you feel confident while working or walking and makes your periods easier and spot-free.

The highly absorbent solution of Safe Organic Pantyliners gives you extra protection from urine and period leakages. It is thoughtfully built to keep your intimate area comfortable and rash-free. It soaks all moisture and keeps the vaginal area dry and clean. Further, it offers protection from allergies and all types of infections entitled to intimate areas.

It is gently soft and useful for your skin. After use of this, you can feel free and comfortable and get relief from the stress of having unwanted period spots. The Sanfe Organic Pantyliners ensure that you are itch-free and clean all day long without any embarrassment. Its flexible design also fully fits your body and prevents leakages effectively. It features cottony-soft material which makes it more comfortable in use. Hence, the product ensures good quality at the best price.


  • The Sanfe Panty Liners are longer than normal panty liners.
  • The product is very soft and comfortable.
  • It gives drastic results when used with a menstrual cup.


  • Direction for use should be checked before buying.

 7. Plush Cotton Daily Natural Panty Liners

Plush Cotton Daily Natural Panty Liners

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The Plush Cotton Daily Natural Panty Liners is specially designed for regular and sensitive skin. Those who feel uncomfortable during periods or non-periods days because of leakage can go with this product. The Plush is perfect for hygiene routines and spotting. It is made from Pure U.S. Cotton, which is quite good for all types of skin.

The Plush Cotton Daily Natural Panty Liners are most preferred by women and girls. It’s super-absorbent quality keeps you comfortable and feeling fresh all day long. When you wear it, you feel safe and comfortable to move and keep protection where you need it. Despite this, it is subtle for regular freshness. The best thing about Plush, it has got FSC Certification and is approved to ensure the best quality. It is even delicate and soft for your skin because it is fragrant and chemical-free.

This extremely high-quality product is completely organic and environmentally friendly. Plus, it has individual packing which makes it easy to carry and dispose of. Overall the product is best in terms of quality, women-safety, price, comfort and flexibility.


  • It doesn’t cause a rash and makes you feel comfortable.
  • It is very useful for non-periods.


  • Not be used for period’s days.

 8. Carmesi Panty Liners

Carmesi Panty Liners

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Carmesi Panty liners ensure top-notch quality and are designed for sensitive skin. These premium soft liners ensure that your body feels confident, clean, hygienic and comfortable every single day. The prominent thing about Carmesi is that it is certified as safe with no irritants and no rash. It can keep your skin fresh and clean while urine leakages and period leakages.

The product mainly focuses on making women’s intimate areas safe and clean. It is made with natural ingredients and has no chemical and toxic synthetics. It is a newly innovated product that is made keeping women’s comfort in mind. It brings a naturally soft feel and ensures that you experience no skin irritation, itching and rashes in your intimate part.

Once you wear it, you will forget you are wearing something because of its thin structure. It is majorly used for discharge, light-spotting and incontinence. Hence, it is an ideal option for sensitive skin.


  • The product is super soft and comfortable.
  • It is a dermatologically tested product.


  • The stickiness of lines is not good

9. Heyday Organic & Natural Panty Liners

Heyday Organic & Natural Panty Liners

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The Heyday Organic and Natural Panty liners ensure that women’s and girl’s feel the supreme softness, safety and comfort on their non-periods days. It helps in maintaining everyday hygiene and freshness to avoid staining and infections. The product is specially designed to give protection to vaginal skin from leakages and blood flow. However, it comes with high quality and is recommended for regular freshness.

Just like their name, it is made with organic and natural fabric which absorbs bladder leaks, light period flow or discharge and irregular spotting. This product is quite good for long travelling; you can carry it with you and enjoy your quality moments without fear of feeling awkward. The best quality of Heyday, it has a comfortable and smooth texture which ensures dryness and comfort. It is considered by every Indian Woman for their tough times. Thus, it is an ideal option in terms of vaginal safety, range, comfort, quality and environment safety.


  • It is a biodegradable product, safe for the environment.
  • It keeps the intimate area dry and clean.
  • It makes you feel fresh all day long.


  • The liners do not stick easily.

10. Laiqa Daily Natural Panty Liners 

Laiqa Daily Natural Panty Liners

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This product is thoughtfully designed for both sensitive and regular skin. It provides up to eight hours of absorption from unexpected period flow and spotting and vaginal discharge. The main purpose of this liner is to minimize the risk of rashes and irritations. Laika is a well-known brand that ensures high-quality fabric to prevent slashing. For long-lasting comfort, it is the best choice.

These premium quality panty liners have been made from natural cotton which gives your intimate area perfect protection from allergies and rashes. It has the additional advantage that it is lab and expert tested, ensuring the quality and safety for all skin types. It absorbs more and prevents leakages while you are sleeping, walking or travelling in your periods and non-periods days.

Its super absorbent quality makes it more perfect and secure. Besides this, it is a cost-effective product in terms of range.


  • It is a skin-friendly product.
  • These liners ensure long-lasting comfort.


  • Not found 

How to Choose the Good Quality Panty Liners?

As we have discussed, one of the hygiene products that can keep you away from stains on clothes during menstruation is panty liners. But the question is how to choose the premium quality panty liners by considering which aspects? Sometimes, women use panty liners suggested by their friends or colleagues but do they work for you like them? Maybe not! Since they don’t perfect for you, as every woman has her requirements, different sizes and body shapes. Therefore, you need to consider something that makes you feel comfortable. So, we have mentioned certain aspects to keep in mind while choosing good quality panty liners.

→ 1. Absorbing Capacity

The primary important factor to consider when buying panty liners is the locking capacity of panty liners. The panty liners you choose must have absorbency, which is the basic requirement or main reason for using panty liners. Before going to buy a panty liners pack, check out this aspect mentioned in form of regular or super on the package. Some panty liner packs have droplets sign that indicates how much they can absorb. If the pack shows more drops then understand that it has more absorption capacity. So, go with panty liners that fityour requirements.

2. Provide Dry Cover

The purpose of using the panty liners is to lock low menstrual flow or any type of vaginal discharge. If they make you feel uncomfortable, there is no point in using them. There are a few options that will lock the unwanted leakages & flows while some make you feel wet. Whether you’re newly experienced or already facing a monthly menstrual cycle, go with a panty liner that offers dry coverage as the top layer. These types of panty liners keep you away from wetness and stay clean & dry for the entire day.

3. Look for the right size

Panty liners come in different sizes like traditionally used sanitary pads. Depending on your body shape and size, you can pick the right panty liner pack. However, panty liners start from Medium size and range up to Extra-large size. So, it is good to go with perfect fit because unfit panty liners keep you feeling uncomfortable, and may lead to itchiness.

4. Panty Liners with adequate thickness

Wearing thick panty liners in heavy or light flow under your panties is essential to feel confident. Today, every feminine hygiene brand considers producing thin panty liners or sanitary pads. This is because after wearing them, strange shapes do not form in your pants or jean. Moreover, they make you feel free all day long, allow you to perform several physical activities with ease. One study shows that the absorbency of panty liners or pads is directly connected to their thickness. They are parallel to each other. In that case, you need to pick the right one which is suitable for you.

5. Presence of Wings

Panty liners with wings are another important aspect to keep in mind when buying panty liners. There are a lot of benefits of using panty liners with wings as this will keep the panty liners in the right position. It does not cause any leakage and sticks to the pants.Plus, it directs the liquid back onto the liner, preventing leaks on your clothes as a result.

6. No Scent or Mild Fragrance

Panty liners are available by various brands with different features. Some brand adds a natural mild fragrance or offers unscented panty liners. Avoid using panty liners with a strong smell as they may cause bacterial infections in your vaginal area.

Apart from the mentioned aspects, you can check the shape, price, quantity, wings in panty liners to choose the right one.

How to Dispose of Panty Liners?

Don’t flush down the used feminine hygiene products, including disposal panty liners, sanitary pads, etc. Always keep them in a separate dustbin. Along with a garbage bin, you can also buy special disposal bags to prevent the spread of odours, bacteria and flies. Let us discuss how to dispose of panty liners.

  • Roll and wrap the used pad

First of all, carefully remove the liner from your underwear. Start rolling from one end to the other to wrap tightly. This way you’ll maximize the space inside the bin and make wrapping easier.

  • Use a piece of paper to wrap the Panty Liner

Wrapping panty liners will help keep the odour under control. To wrap used panty liners, use toilet paper, waste paper, or a piece of newspaper to roll up.

  • Throw the wrapped liners in the trash bin

Always use the trash can that comes with a lid. Once the liner is rolled and wrapped, throw it in the bathroom trash can. Make sure the liner is thrown in the trash with a separate bag. This will make it easier to separate the waste when it is time to take out all the garbage. Also, never flush any hygiene product down the toilet as it will clog the plumbing. You’ll notice that some public bathrooms have metal bins for disposing of tampons or pads.

  • Wash your hands and Sanitize them Well

After the panty liner is disposed of, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. To prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, you should always wash your hands after throwing away panty liners or sanitary pads.

  • Throw the waste bag as soon as possible

To prevent the spread of odours and germs inside the bathroom, take out the trash as soon as it is disposed of.


The Panty liners are completely perfect for regular use. Women can wear it confidently and enjoy every moment with ease. Such hygienic products keep women healthy and clean during period’s day and non-period days.  Above-mentioned are the selective ones that ensure complete hygiene and dryness all day long. You will consider all mentioned products for making any final decision. It will help in being selective and choosing an adequate for your intimate area safety.

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