How to Change Register Mobile Number in FASTag?

FASTag was one of the government’s most ambitious projects, where the government wanted to make tolls cash-free. The project was implemented in a phased manner, and it was a huge success. Today, the wait time at tolls has been reduced, and you don’t have to worry about carrying cash for the tolls. The FASTag can be issued from any bank, and today, not only tolls but the parking fee can also be paid using FASTag. This technology works on RFID, and the money stays safe in your wallet.

The toll or parking fee is deducted from the FASTag automatically, depending on the entry and exit points. In the case of parking, the toll is deducted based on the parking duration. Some of our readers reached out to us, and they wanted to know how they could change their mobile numbers in FASTag. So, we compiled this page for them and answered some additional questions. Go ahead and check out the details below.

How to Change Registered Mobile Number is FASTag

How to Change Registered Mobile Number is FASTag?

You can change the mobile in FASTag, but it is an offline process. There is no online method to change the FASTag number. To change the registered mobile number, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the issuer bank of the FASTag and request a KYC form for the FASTag.
  • Fill in the KYC form and indicate the change in mobile number. Submit the form, and your mobile number will be updated shortly.
  • If your FASTag is being used with the Payments Bank like PayTM, you would have to reach out to their customer service and request a transfer of FASTag to the new number.

Can I change the FASTag account to Another Bank?

It is not possible to move your FASTag account to another bank. You would need to cancel the FASTag that you are using. After that, you need to reach out to the new bank with whom you want a FASTag. After reaching out to the new bank, you will have to request them a new FASTag. Ensure that you either return the old FASTag or destroy it. You must also transfer out the money from the old FASTag if you request a FASTag from a new issuer.

Final Verdict

Even if you don’t travel on a highway, you still need to have a FASTag. The government is planning to make FASTag mandatory for all third-party insurance. In such a case, it is better to get the FASTag issued. Also, remember to cancel and surrender your FASTag if you are selling the vehicle. This way, you can claim your security deposit back. Never sell your vehicle with an active FASTag. If you have any complaints regarding the deductions, you can reach out to the NHAI helpline by dialling 1033. In addition, you can also raise a complaint with your banking partner for a quick resolution. To create a ticket with your bank, please reach out to your respective bank’s customer care.

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