10 Best Online Jobs from Home Without Investment in India 2019

With increasing inflation, it has become difficult to meet the household expenses and hence the income seems to be less for each one of us. In such a case, a lot of people end up finding a new job which offers them a hike but it is surely not a permanent solution. The permanent solution is to get a secondary income. Now, talking about the secondary income, there are things. The first thing is that a lot of people believe that the rent income is the secondary income which is surely not true. There are other ways to get secondary income for yourself.

In addition to this, if you are scared about making investments then you can also find some of the jobs which will pay you without investments and for your advantage, there are many such opportunities available in India. The best thing about these Indian jobs is that you can work as per your wish and you can have global customers. This not only helps you in ensuring that you have a steady flow of income but it also ensures that you are polishing your skills.

Let us now look at the best online Jobs that you can do from home without making any investments in India. So, here is the list.

Jobs from Home Without Investment

Best Online Jobs from Home without Investment in India for 2019

10. Surveys – There are certain jobs that are available online in which you have to fill in the surveys. This just requires you to find the correct portal and submit the survey that is being sent to you. You can fill in as many surveys as possible in a day and each survey takes from anywhere between 5 minutes to 20 minutes of your time. This doesn’t require you to have any specific skills and it neither demands any investment.

9. Online Retailing – Next on the list is online retailing but this needs you to make a small investment. The investment of Rs 5000 can also be more than enough. In addition to this, you can start by maintaining a small inventor in this case. Use social platforms like Facebook to sell those products. If you gain confidence then you can also register a company and start selling with portals like Amazon.

8. Selling Stock Photos – Selling stock photos are not new at all. The photographers from across the globe had been selling their photos for a long time. There are several websites that provide this kind of job. You can even find a job that demands you to submit a certain type of photos and offers you a salary in return of that. Then, you can also find clients who are looking for product photography. Some good photography skills can be of great help in this case.

7. Virtual Assistant– Another upcoming option these days in that of a virtual assistant. This is not something like Siri or Alexa but in this, you get to work as a personal assistant to someone. You can have multiple clients and the task that is given to you can vary largely. It can be as simple as maintaining the calendar or writing memos for the person.

6. Vlogs and YouTube Channel– If you love to make vlogs then you can surely monetize them. There are several options available for monetizing your blogs in a very easy way. You can use YouTube to monetize your videos or you can find the clients who are looking for specific videos or vlogs. You can work with such clients in order to monetize your video graphy skills. In addition to this, there are several jobs available for video editors as well. You can find one such job with help of freelancing portal and work as per your assignments.

5. Blogging & Affiliate Marketing– Blogging never gets out of fashion as content writing is one such thing which Artificial Intelligence can’t kill. In such a case, you can start your own blog about a topic, attract a lot of readers and work with Google AdSense to gain advertisement money. You can also club affiliate marketing with the blog and you can easily multiply your revenue by multiple folds with help of affiliate marketing. This is something you should try if you have a good hold over language.

4. Online Tutor – This type of job has evolved recently and in this, you can tutor the students online. You can also create the course material and educational videos online for the subscribers to check. There are several websites like courser a which lets you publish your content. Anyone who subscribes for the content can learn from your content and you get a fee for that. Another variation to this is solving question and answers online. This is something domain related so for example, you have a masters in finance, you can start by solving the questions for finance with help of portals like Chegg. You earn for every question you solve.

3. Freelancing – Freelancing is another option that you can opt for. There are different types of jobs available for freelancers. This varies from a job for data entry and freelancing also talks about the jobs which are needs high-level skills like software development. You can go ahead and make an account on freelancing portal and start working on these portals as you get the job. Writing jobs are again one such popular jobs for freelancing. You can also find a job for logo designing if you specialize in that.

2. Instagram Influencer – Social Media plays a major role in the marketing of products. Being a person who has a huge number of followers on social media can prove to be really helpful in such a case as you can find a job of Instagram Influence for yourself. In this, you basically share reviews or market a specific product. Your fan following helps the company in marketing their product and it surely works. You can also work as a food blogger in such a case but you would have to step out of your house to work as a food blogger.

1. Software Development or Website Designing – Website designing and software designing is again some skill specific jobs available at home. You can develop your own mobile apps and software and you can then sell them online. If you are not comfortable with software development then you can go for website designing. Here, you can find online clients who are looking for such type of website designers who can support their needs. Both these jobs are high paying in terms of jobs that can be done from home.

These were all the different jobs that are available for Indians from Home. Some of these require you to have a certain type of skill set and there are also many jobs which you can do without possessing any skills. This is surely one of the best advantages of getting a Home Job in 2019. The frequency of pay-out is depending on one type of job from another. Some jobs may offer you a daily pay-out while some may offer a monthly pay-out.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the opportunities available for you and you will have a good source of secondary income which will help you in meeting the household expenses and saving money.

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